Cooking for Chemo

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Cooking for Chemo

by chefryan on Mon Jul 20, 2015 04:46 PM

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My name is Ryan. I am a chef. I was my mother's caregiver when she went through chemotherapy treatments. She experienced strong metallic tastes, mouth sores, and loss of appetite.

As a chef, I focused on learning how to adjust the flavor of her favorite foods and I was able to get my mom to eat and enjoy her food again! I wanted to share my knowledge so I wrote a book about how to do just that. It's called "Cooking for Chemo ...and After!" It's currently on Amazon. 

I joined this forum to be able to connect with others who are having the same difficulties and hopefully answer any questions you many have about cooking for chemotherapy patients.

So ask away! I am here to help, share my experience, and teach others what worked for my mom. :)

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