Hormonal therapy for young breast cancer

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Hormonal therapy for young breast cancer

by IrmaPerez on Thu Jul 30, 2015 04:39 PM

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In april of this year i had been diagnostic with breast cancer, im a latina with 28 years old. They made me a radical mastectomy and and the patology said it was in second histological grade (1.8 cm size of tumor and 1/16 ganglia infected.

Strogen receptor 80% positive

Pregesterone receptor 80% positive

KI 67 10% positive in tumor cells

HER2 NEU negative

My oncologist told me i will recieve 6 Quimios and an hormonal therapy during 5 years.

My question is: That hormonal therapy it will induce me to a menopause. Who had this therapy, please tell me the effects or havoc in the body.

I also would like to know someone who denied to continue this treatment (hormonal treatment) and if this affects in a reappearance of the cancer.

Thank you

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