How cancer affects everyone

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How cancer affects everyone

by eternalife on Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:36 PM

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Hi ,

I wanted to share, I attended a caregiver group over the 18 months fought the beast cancer. Today, I went to a luncheon with the caregivers I had met. There was one fellow, John who just lost his wife. Now, I have been out of the loop for 2 years as Mark has been gone that long and I no longer fit the caregiver group. Long story, I seemed to have recovered " faster than most" , there was no room at the inn. LOL.

anyway, when I saw John he was now on a portable oxygen tank, something he wasn't on .--- 2 years ago.. he had gain a tremendous amount of weight and looked weary. He said he still had his man cave and we laughed. He was proud of that.. a place he called his own, away from the beast cancer. He still lives in his house for now, but talked of moving to his daughter, as we know , stats show men do not cope as well with living alone as women , once widowed. I had to think cancer not only has taken his wife, but has made him someone just getting by now.. it's so sad how cancer affects everyone , even though the word on the street is the cancer patient has the greatest loss.

May we all go forward in peace and grace , as our lives have been altered now and forever.


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