sad and happy

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sad and happy

by eastwest on Tue Oct 06, 2015 05:36 PM

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Yesterday Was the 3rd anniversary of my "friend"s wife's death. He is not good with dates but I remembered for him and was teary eyed.

This Thursday marks 2 years since we met, though we had messaged for a month and a half before that. Thursday also marks 4 1/2 years since Phil passed.

I felt so sad thinking of our spouses who are no longer here to steady our course. Yet I am thankful Hank and I did find each other to have hands to hold when those moments of grief come and how we have become rudders for each other in the storm.

I noticed his one son wrote on social media yesterday to treasure the time spent with parents and grandparents. Perhaps he was thinking about his mom. But Hank said that for all those years Mary was ill with MS they rarely stopped over. He had to call and say your mom really wants to see you. When Hank was getting treatments for prostate cancer he paid one of his grandsons to sit an hour or so with her while he went for radiation. Since he and I have been going out his grandsons(all 3 in their mid to late 20s) have only visited him twice! Neither son makes much of an effort and I see how it hurts him.

Someday these grown men will become orphans(as we all do whenever we lose both parents) and I am sure they will cry. I don't say much except that phone works both ways! But it breaks my heart to see him hurting.

Thursday I will see him and we will make the most of our time together thinking of our 2 yrs of memories. We know how precious and short time together is.

RE: sad and happy

by modesta on Thu Oct 08, 2015 02:28 PM

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Sounds like God crossed your paths for to help each other!

Take care!


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