Contrast CT One Year After Whipple

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Contrast CT One Year After Whipple

by menonmanju on Thu Nov 26, 2015 07:46 AM

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Can anyone help to understand this CT report and what it indicates.My father had undergone a Whipples Procedure for Periampullary carcinoma and he had Metastatic carcinoma in two peri pancreatic lymph nodes.He underwent Chemo with Gemcitabine till June and was going fine until an LFT showed elevated ALP of 870 which led to further tests and the CT

CT Impression

Normal size and contour of liver
No focal lesion
Moderate dilatation of intra hepatic biliary radicals of both lobes of the liver showing abrupt narrowing at the level of hepatico
Jejunostomy site where minimal irregular soft tissue thickening noted in the hepatico jejunostomy loop
ILL defined soft tissue noted along the main portal vein causing narrowing of the portal confluence with ill defined soft tissue noted along the common hepatic artery extending into the porto caval region
Nodular necrotic lesion root of mesentry 
Nodular deposit right lateral paracolic gutter in the sub hepatic region
Normal CT appearance of spleen,rest of pancreas,adrenal glands,kidneys
No retroperitonial or mesenteric lymphadenopathy
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