Candida/Yeast with Cancer diets

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Candida/Yeast with Cancer diets

by dotnet on Mon Dec 28, 2015 02:42 AM

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This really is a tough one---All the sugar and or antibiotics that they through at u can cause horrendous yeast growths that infact creates all kinds of new issues especially with digestion.

With high yeast growth u maybe are getting all the calories but not absorbing the nutirents--ITS NOT WHAT U EAT ITS WHAT U ABSORB-- if u have excessive yeast and feeding it with more sugar is like throughing gas on fire--Ensure and all the drinks being mentioned the 2nd ingredient is sugar always--and sometimes they split the total by calling it sugar then corn syrup--same thing to the body (actually CFS is worse)

So--maybe there are some experts who can weigh in on this as it is a tough one--complex--Maybe a risk/reward issue,and alot of cancer patients end up with hugh digestive disorders and never know its the yeast--

You can read all about yeast and candida start here--  

What to DO???????????


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