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Any SuggestionsT

by dbrown1 on Wed Feb 10, 2016 04:59 AM

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Hello I am about a month and a half out of radiation, had HPV 16 Squamous cell carcinoma on left side of tongue. They did a partial glossectomy of the tongue and a selective neck dissection removing 21 lymph nodes where upon they found three of them with microscopic levels of cancer.

I was sent to an Oncologist an opted for a trial where I ended up taking no chemo, they decided that they should give me six weeks of radiation (tomo) and that they would do both sides of the neck and the tongue.

I did not have a feeding tube, was heavy somehow didn't die as I could not eat food for six weeks. I lost a lot of weight.

My major side effect has been mucous, a month and a half out and I still cough it up a lot and find myself spitting in a cup throughout the day and a lot at night. The spot where my tongue was cut got burned bad and now there is a pretty bad ulcer there as it rubs up against my back teeth, doc gave me a dental paste for this last week and I have been using it but tongue really hurts and provides an additional challenge to eating.

My question is this has anyone gone through anything simillar? Does anyone have suggestions on how I can eat more food/types? Last anyone have the mucuos problems this long post radiation and will it go away? 

Wish I had found this forum prior and learned but I guess better late than never, thank you all in advance for your responses.

RE: Any SuggestionsT

by Realmlord on Thu Mar 03, 2016 01:14 AM

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Hello Drbrown.

Wow... im truly sorry to hear about all this. This does not sound fun at all D:

I don't know about similar cases, this sounds pretty harsh, but as for posting in the nutrition section I can tell you a little about Glyconutrients and how they can help with all this. Glyconutrients give your body what it needs to repair the cells and return to normal. Now they can't do much about removed tissue, but they work miracles oneverything that is still attached. It's nothing special, just some carbs from precious plants like Aloe, Indian Mustard Plants, Broccoli etc. 

here's a video :)

Check it out and reply ^^ I'd love to hear what you think

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