Vulva surgery

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Vulva surgery

by heimbca on Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:16 PM

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Silly questions but... I know a lot of you ladies have had some kind of surgery for vulvar cancer.  I am wondering if you could give me some specific details of what the surgery entailed?  I have sore area (looks like pale skin) right by my vaginal opening--way up on the inner labias.  Nothing on the outer libias.  For those of you who had volvelectomies (spelling?) what was cut?  Has anyone had the inner labia cut to remove cancer?  What is it like? I never had children but am thinking it might be similiar to child birth???  Especially a big baby???

Do you get stitches up there or have to have drains?  What about lymph glands--they are right there in your groin area too, aren't they?

So may questions and no one to ask.  Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

One last question--where do most of you ladies live?  I live in south eastern Washington state.

Thank you.

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