What does ovarian cancer feel like?

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What does ovarian cancer feel like?

by ttperry on Sun Apr 24, 2016 09:16 PM

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First, I understand I cannot get a diagnosis online, and I'm not seeking one. I would like experiences of real women because doctors are blowing me off. I'm 32, and I've had a dull, heavy, ache in my low right pelvis. This ache is mirrored in the same place in my back. This has been going on for about a year and a half. I also have abdominal distention, and severe constipation that's lasted about 6 months. My periods have become very heavy and sometimes very painful for about 4 months. I also have occasional waves of nausea that remind me of morning sickness, but I'm not pregnant. 

When it first started, my obgyn did a transvag ultrasound; it was negative. She shrugged her shoulders and said it was probably endometriosis and sent me on my way. It doesn't feel like my friends with endometriosis describe. It's not sharp, tearing pain like is common with endo. I saw a gastro and got a colonoscopy to rule out any gastro issues, and all was normal. I've gotten a second opinion with another obgyn who was even less helpful than the first.

My question is this, what does the pain feel like? This is a dull, achy, thud. That's the best I know how to describe it. It's always there, and hasn't gone away in a year and a half. It does vary in intensity, but it's always there. If it's truly endometriosis, then I can deal with that. I'm just scared that they're missing something. Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks so much in advance. 

RE: What does ovarian cancer feel like?

by Silverlace on Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:26 PM

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I had a sharp pain that actually brought me to my knees for about 5 minutes, I thought it was really bad gas. About 2 weeks later I threw up after dinner and felf bloated and gasess. Again I thought it was stomach problems,as I had a ultrasound 7 months ago as I was spotting, nothing showed on my ultrasound.

I decided to go to emergency , not expecting that I had a 10 cm tumour on my right ovary.
I was very blessed it was a stage one, no chemo or radiation.

The ultrasound saved my life.

Good Luck

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