questions, concerns, etc....

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questions, concerns, etc....

by Pattyr on Thu Jan 25, 2007 12:00 AM

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 I'm not sure where to go for information... I contacted Cancer Care Treatment Centers because of the alternative therapies that work in conjuction to chemo repair, so to speak.

 I have Multple Sclerosis that is progressing rapidly and the only option is for Biotherapy -- to use chemo to stop the production of T-cells, etc.

However, when I contacted Cancer Care Treatment... the response was focused on the the MS and they couldn't help.  I have someone for the MS and my specialist even thought contacting this facility might help in what I can do prior to the chemo therapy (cytoxan), during and after and to prepare me for round two, etc.

Has anyone had Cytoxan for chemo, what have you experienced, do you have any suggestions, are there things I can do to help my body 'repair' from the chemo and to be ready for my second round...

Again, it's not the MS I am asking about, it is the chemotherapy that scares me and is a major concern.

Any and all help, information is very much appreciated.






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