Advocate born in 1953 with autoimmune diseases, SLE, scoliosis

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Advocate born in 1953 with autoimmune diseases, SLE, scoliosis

by vbrown11 on Thu Sep 15, 2016 06:22 PM

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Hello all and I am loving reading your discussions.  I am Valerie Cheers Brown and am a writer, author and an advocate researcher of why were so many of our mothers x-rayed in the 1950's which caused many of us to be born with autoimmune diseases.   I was born with scoliosis and SLE (systemic Lupus...) and have been doing research and papers and publishing them into " target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> .  I would love to keep in touch and let you know when I have published, but in the meantime and praying that a documentary could be done with those of us as participants perhaps telling our stories and sharing with the world as you are here doing.  I was introduced to Kangen alkaline water in 2010 and have been prescribed medication free, also utilizing God's healing foods now as my medicine along with still drinking alkaline water which bad cancer cells according to Dr. Otto Warburg, a nobel prize writer wrote many years ago.  I have published many papers and you can read them at " target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> .  I would like any participants willing to help me with anything possible which has helped you to manage your autoimmune illness.  I am now working on a paper with findings from Rachel Carson who wrote: "Silent Spring" showing how our environment has a lot to do with our DNA even before we are born and can change due to the environmental changes.

I look forward to reading your discussions here and would like permission to use some of your stories in my paper. I thank and pray that each one of you is blessed and seeing that each of us was born with an anointing from God which to some may be a curse, but I consider to be a true blessing where we can heal ourselves with God's foods and alkaline water and share with the world.  

Thank you for being here and God bless each and every one of you here! P.S. I am writing with a concentration on autoimmune disease and many babies are still being born in the 21st century with all types of autoimmune diseases, cancer being a major one which I have found the cause with all of my findings and by changing my life by changing my water and way of surviving eating God's healing foods! I had asthma very bad as a child, but no longer have as an adult and was healed through coffee grounds by my grandmother! We cannot believe with society says is good or bad for us.  Only our bodies know what is good or bad for us and will alert us immediately when either.  I listen to my body now and not doctors, media or society!

Peace, love & God bless!

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