Could you please help by

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Could you please help by

by Atcer1 on Sat Feb 04, 2017 02:15 PM

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She did nothing wrong.   My daughters name is Jenny.

 The affordable care act may be saving her life. I don’t know the future. I do know repealing Obama-Care will help the insurance companies make billions more each year. How much do they need, really, how much? Who is fighting for me. Who is fighting for my daughter? Please don’t take her healthcare away from her. She’s scared enough already. You just may kill her.


LARRY THOMPSON,  My Daughter is fighting CANCER.

Please do these three things, It will only take 5 minutes and you may be that one individual who finally persuades your representative to do the right thing.


1.  Make this statement fit you. I.E. Cancer found me; Cancer found my friend; Cancer found my Father, Mother, Sister, or Brother.  Write or type this statement on six different pieces of paper and leave the “who to” part blank for now.


2. This part is really easy too. Go to this website and write down the name and address of the folks who represent you, there are three, each one will have two addresses (or more). Pick one in Washington and the one closest to you. Now fill in the who to part of you letters, put a stamp on them and mail them.


Mail is the MOST effective way of getting you help for the people who you love, or yourself. They care about what you think, they really do... But only if your in their district...They don’t give two cents about you if you’re not in their district.  That’s why mailing directly to their offices is the only thing that works.


3.  The website also has email addresses. Write the very same thing to them in a message 


My daughter is fighting Epithelioid Angiosarcoma cancer. It is rare and aggressive. I am not a corporation, I’m just me, trying to help in some way. By posting this request of you on the Cancer Forum. Just putting this out there, doing something, anything, helps me a little bit.


When you’ve finished please add a one line reply. I did this for (their name).


I am Larry Thompson and my daughter is fighting Cancer.


RE: Could you please help by

by EDWARD123 on Thu Jul 13, 2017 04:32 PM

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NOW U ARE PUTTING POLITICS IN CANCER ,,,,,NO  ,,  THATS wrong ,,  do  not do that ...this is not a policatical  column...

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