New diagnosis - Glioblastom Gr IV

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New diagnosis - Glioblastom Gr IV

by Cafer on Thu Mar 16, 2017 02:25 PM

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2 weeks before, after headache pains are getting worse, doctors noticed that my mother (50 yo) has a brain tumor in the right temporoparietal lobe ((?))

First symptoms were, headache, loss of balance 1time a day, vomiting after eating and lost control of left part of her body.  

The next day, She had a surgical operation (02.03.2017). They take out  about 80% of the tumor.

Today (16.03.2017) we got the pathology report. She has Grade IV glioblastom. Now she looks better but radiotherapy will start in 10 days.

It is very painful to think about our future.

I say I will do everything I can afford but I do not know what to do.

I wish you all great life with your precious’.

RE: New diagnosis - Glioblastom Gr IV

by Diecancer4 on Sun Mar 19, 2017 05:51 AM

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My husband (50years)started off with headaches for about two weeks on Saturday Feb 112017 I rushed him to the hospital and within an hour they came in and told us he had a tumor in the brain. He was then transferred to another hospital and 4 days later they had surgery and diagnosed him with glioblastoma grade4. He has started his first week of radiation and chemo. He is already feeling weak and losing his taste buds we are trying different avenues besides his treatment. Keep the faith. God is in control. Wish you the best. Where do you live? .
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