New Cancer treatment

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New Cancer treatment

by MikeGANS on Fri May 19, 2017 09:39 PM

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I have had an ongoing experience over the last 17 years with Basal Cell Skin Cancer. Over the years I've had many, many surgeries to have the lesions excised. In January of this year I had another surgery removing a large spot from the top of my head. Before the procedure my doctor examined two additional spots on my shoulders which he said more than likely will need to be addressed. He said to keep an eye on them and he would look at them on my next visit. Three weeks before the subsequent visit both spots began to bleed which is the usual sign that surgery is not to far away. It's funny how things workout but over the last year and a half I have been involved with the Keshe Foundation and have worked directly with some of it's staff on various projects. I'll try to keep this as short as possible since trying to explain the details would be like righting a novel. The Keshe Foundation is working together with many governments around the planet on various projects helping in areas such as energy production, agriculture and health for people in need. What has developed recently in the health arena is no less than miraculous. One of the by products of the research being done are materials known as (Gases is Nano State) = (GANS). The Keshe Foundation has a couple of websites and links that will explain the details. What has been found is that a variation of GANS called CO2 GANS has the ability to cause cancer cells to change back into healthy cells. No side affects at all! I have perfected the procedures to make this type of GANS which I decided to apply topically to the two spots on my shoulders. Within 3 days the spots completely stopped bleeding and began to show signs of healing. I applied the CO2 GANS twice a day after each shower allowing the paste to dry on my skin before dressing. Now after 3 weeks the spots have completely healed and there are no signs of cancer. It is amazing! The Keshe foundation is doing clinical trials of an injectable form of CO2 GANS and so far the results are showing that even people with stage 4 cancers of all kinds are healing.

At this point I felt it would be good to share this with everyone who is also fighting the battle. Anyone who has even a limited scientific background can produce GANS at home. The Keshe Foundation has a website dedicated to step by step instructions on how to put it all together. One word of caution: The methods used to make GANS do vary a little location to location having to do with positioning on our planet so it does require a little patience and experimenting to figure it out but once you do you can make successive batches following the steps for your area.

Now I understand that some people would rather purchase GANS rather than manufacturing it themselves. If anyone is interested please contact me at mike.feilen I have some available and if I see there is a demand for it I will certainly produce more to meet the demand. All I know is I would rather spend $80.00 than having to go back to the doctor for another surgery! Applying the GANS is simple. It's just a matter of putting a very small amount on the tip of your finger ( a little goes a long way), gently dabbing it on the cancer spot and the allow it to air dry. The GANS will turn a powdery white in a few minutes and then you can dress and be on your way. After you shower it would then have to be reapplied. I truly hope that some of you will take some time to research what GANS is all about and begin experimenting to make your own. If you need help please write and I will guide you along. If you currently are experiencing Basal Cell appearing on your skin and would like to purchase some from me please let me know. I will be selling 5ml bottles for $80.00 shipping is included within the continental U.S.

I do not have any experience with squamous or melanoma but I would guess the results would be the same. One additional use is for treating insect bites. My girl friend is very sensitive to insect bites here in Wisconsin. Every Summer she gets eaten alive and has itching fits at night. A few days ago she was bitten by a mosquito, that evening the itching started. She decided to try putting CO2 GANS on the bite and the itching stopped immediately and did not return! Looking forward to hearing back from anyone that is interested! Until then.

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