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    Hello everyone, Its been a rough few days.  Aker has lost 3 more pounds.  He was 290 in January and is down to 238 yesterday.  It is hard to keep my poker face on and be positive all the time. Work is suppose to be a disraction for me.  Bad hubby day on top of a bad work day resulted in uncontrolled crying in the shower for two hours.  As a side note.... tankless water heater is the way to ...

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      Good morning all, Aker's pain has increased significantly since the sigmoid (anal ultrasound) and the last biopsy.   He was percribed slow release morphine, which turns out he is allergic to. As a result, his aversion to taking medicine has been magnified immensely and he wont even takeva Tylenol. This has been a bit of a set back as subconsciously he relates the issues he had with  the morphine to the ...

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          Hello All, If you are here I assume that like us, you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with Cancer.   Our journey is just starting but I was encouraged and inspired by Carly and Scott's story.  My hope is to make the journey a little easier by sharing information, successes,  and challenges that we experience along the way.  I have read dozens of stories on multiple blogs and have l...

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            Hi Scott and Carly, Your story is so encouraging and has given me hope.   My husband was diagnosed with colorectal-cancer onJanuary 5, 2017.  On February 23, 2017. They staged his cancer at Stage IV.   I have been frantically looking for alternative treatmens as he does not want to follow the  r ecommended traditional Chemo, Chemo-Radiation, Chemo treatment plan.    What we have do...

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