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    I wish the best for your son . thank you for your reply . I appreciate the info . After heavy consideration I had decided to remain here in Colorado.  The logistics of traveling there for treatment just seemed to hard with my little one in school . I hope I have made a good decision.  I feel pretty confidant in my surgeon. Guess we will see very soon.   Did your son have surgery to remove the tumo...

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      Thank you for your reply I am so sorry for your loss this cancer is so brutal . I am going to try and contact md Anderson to see how I could go about getting a second opinion.  I just don't know how my family will afford to travel to Texas.  Guesswe will cross that bridge when we come to it.   

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        Hi my name is Angie I was recently diagnosed with Urachal  cancer. I am 43 years old and I have a beautiful husband and a three-year-old daughter that I really need to try to live for I am really so scared. Doctors have been treating me for several months for recurrent UTI and now they find out that this is going on. I got in with a really good surgeon here at the University of Colorado Hospital and I have a sur...

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          Hi I'm not sure how this works just trying to make a post so that I can ask a question about how I can contact dr. Arlene siefker-radtke I was recently diagnosed a month ago was your urachale cancer and I live in Colorado and I'm just not sure if I should be seeking a second opinion from the MD Anderson or if I should just stick with University Hospital that I'm at I'm pretty scared   and this really need t...

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