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    I had the Whipple procedure two years ago and seemed to recover well. During the last few months I have been suffering with a gas build up in my colon which is really uncomfortable. I visited my go who sent me for a barium enamel which was clear of any blockage or mass,I have also been given the all clear in my last bowed cancer screening. Although my go is aware of the procedure I had he has never related this pr...

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      I had a whipple op two years ago and was prescribed creon. I have always had a slight gurgling in my stomach but recently it has got much worse,I consulted my GP who sent me for a barium enema as he thought it was a flare up of Crohns (I had a resection about fifteen years ago) but nothing was found. When I started on creon I never received any advice about how much to take and have juggled the dosage but have on...

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