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    I pray for your daughter as well.  Dana Farber is a great place and there are new advances every day so I hope they will benefit our children.  It helps to express our feelings once in awhile.  I don't know about you but I find I don't talk about it as much with friends as much as after the initial diagnosis so posting on this board helped get my feelings of despair off my chest.  My son is amazin...

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      Thank you so much.  I am so sorry about your husband too and hope you can be strong as well. I have great friends who support me but sometimes I feel so alone and don't want to ask too much of people.  There have been amazing advances in science that I hope will benefit the people we love.  Sending virtual hugs back to you. 

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        My son was diagnosed with a very large diffuse astrocytoma almost three years ago at age 16.  I try so hard to be strong for him but recently feel so sad and scared -- I can't help thinking of the life I thought he would lead.  He has had many setbacks but doing ok at the moment.  Not sure why I am posting but lately its just been a struggle trying to keep up the facade of normalcy for my other childre...

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          My son finished chemo in February following brain surgery/proton radiation and experienced major fatigue and significant memory issues.  He is starting to come out of it, so I am hoping he will be able to go back to school in the fall.  I hope that your daughter feels better soon but can certainly understand that she is not yet 100% back in the swing of things.  I am sorry for what you are going throug...

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