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RE: Astrocytoma grade 2/3

by Buster00 - June 28 at 9:21 AM

On Jun 28, 2019 1:33 AM SLY1987 wrote:

Hi Buster. Thanks for your reply. I'm so sorry for your news. I'll be adding you to my prayers! I'm still new to all of this craziness and am still trying to learn all that I can... are there any clinical trials available near you that you could be eligible for? I really hope so. I'm rooting for you!

thanks will do x

RE: Astrocytoma grade 2/3

by Buster00 - June 27 at 2:50 PM

hi very similar story to my own since 2011 siezure now at months to live onco says !!!!!!

thanks for the reply optune not avail in uk they stick to standard protocol and watch u die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be positive all pls x

hi , tmz not worked , doc now says months to live !!!! proper frightened now , hope everyone else in better place x

hope so im trying it

On Jun 26, 2012 4:58 PM Luvingwife wrote:


There are so many variables with this disease that I expect you will get all sorts of answers re: prognosis.  You did not mention where your tumor was located, but that can be one of the variables. Your age and general health is also an important variable. My dh was diag in May 2004 and was told 1-2 years prognosis. He is still doing well, still drives, walks / jogs in the neighborhood and sometimes you would never know he has GBM IV. He is sometimes confused, and has short term memory loss. He naps alot and has lost some strength and balance.  After he finished radx and 6 months of Temodar he went a long while with no symptoms and no deficits. When he had recurrence in 2006 the oncologist said there was no other treatments available. Then we went to a neuro oncologist and dh has since had several different treatments. 

Keep asking questions,

Good luck,

Laurie V

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What other treatment did he have pls ? I’ve been told months not years left now !!!!! X

this is the journey we are on sorry to say watch and wait ,surgery ,chemo pcv, radiotherapy ,pcv again then tezolomide unless we find an immune therapy avail in uk ?

hi iam active just been snow skiimg and yoga once a week ,i have astrogytomer brain tumour but on last 2 scans more bright areas are showing so now on tezolomide480mg

RE: Immunotherapy

by Buster00 - May 02, 2019

no wish i had but not avail in uk !!!

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Hi all I'm a 5 year astrocytomer grade 2 brain tumor sufferer . What a journey , now at radiotherapy . Feels like the good old days when I drank ?? Been thro craniotomy /chemo and physio tic experience . Still fighting with the love of my family and today's news all cancer killed within 2 years by new methods ????

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