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    SarahKate, How are you doing?  I was thinking about you and reread your posts. I had begun to delvelop granular tissue so my Doctor coterized the area to prefect further growth.  It seems to have worked.  Can I ask what your symptoms of anal cancer were?  I am a little worried about a few symtoms I am having. I hope this message finds you feeling better and on the road to recovery.  Sendi...

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      Good Morning, Sarah- & Glitter Good luck with your remaining surgery. So Sorry you have to go in again.  Having a rare cancer is not great because of lack of research funding etc.  I never even knew this type of cancer existed until I got it. It has really opened my eyes to the Health Care system . I live in Ontario Canada  I was provided with quick Health Care and a home nurse for recovery. Altho...

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        Thank you for the link, very helpful Sorry for your on going issues, not easy to deal with alone. funny how people are.  I have found myself creating a distance from friends and family because I don't want to discuss my cancer.  My husband and Doctor have been fantastic.  It's like I see people with a clear sense of who they are since being diagnosed.  Don't feel alone , this chat room has been v...

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          Hello,  I am a healthy, 54 and diagnosed with stage ll. vulva cancer.  I am surprised and the lack of information available about this "taboo" cancer.  I honestly have not even told my closest friends the exact cancer I am dealing with.  I had laser surgery 10 days ago to remove Lymph nodes and well as my entire right side of inner lip vulva.   Painful , I now have an infection.  I am fo...

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