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    Oh wow I can't believe your story. That's horrible the lack of communication they had with you. To not find out you had both sides removed until you went home?! It took me a whole year before someone finally did a biopsy and found out why I had the intense itchiness. I only had one labia minora removed and I had a week follow up and now will be going to my four month follow up next week. I hope that since all that h...

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      I am 28 years old and had my right labia minors removed 4 months ago. I had the last stage of precancerous cells, incarcinoma in situ. It took two full weeks for the bleeding to subside and maybe two months for all the stitches to dissolve. It looks like it's healing but I still have pain when I try to have sex and I don't get wet like I use to. Just wondering if this had happened to anyone else and if the pain ever ...

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