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    Has anyone had to cut ties with people since being diagnosed? My mother in law has always been a manipulative person, never had a job and she depends on her kids and ex husband for a place to live. Since my diagnosis I have become less tolerant of her behaviors. For example, when she stays at our home she steals all of the coins from our piggy banks, she also snoops around the house and after she leaves I notice thin...

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      I am 35 years old and was diagnosed with stage four cancer with unknown primary in April of 2015. I was given 8-10 months because I had cancer in my lung, lymph nodes near my heart and I had 30-40 masses in my liver. I was placed on carboplatin/taxol chemo that worked very well. I went through 5 treatments and the doc wanted to give me a break because I was losing feeling in my hands and feet. I was put on a drug cal...

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