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    Dear Clodia: I am sorry to have taken so long to reply. I was in the hospital the second half of December and twice in January. My hospitalizations were for RMV virus, pneumonia, and dizziness when I rise from bed ( I’m sorry to have forgotten the correct name of this last affliction.) I pray for your boyfriend when I remember to do so. I hope now he is having some success in fighting his cancer. One step at a tim...

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      Dear SMMile, Let me recap: you were on Opdivio for 7 months, then the drug was to much for your system. You indicated your lymph nodes were still stable, but you are still thinking about lymphectomy surgery. You are looking through another clinical trial which tells me you have been through one already. You are looking to be involved in this clinical trial if things get worse. I hope I have understood. SM, wh...

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        September 21, 2015
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          Hello Basketballmom and all others: Sorry for having been away from the board for so long. life has many bends and turns... It will be 21 years urachal cancer free in December of 2015. I have no idea why I have been blessed as I have, but I remain thankful. Many of you continue to struggle with this cancer, and it is not an easy fight as you well know. Today I have been reading new research and much more is known t...

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