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    Last year I was told I have stage 1 colon cancer, found out on a routine colonoscopy.....surgery told me I had stage 3.  When I ask my oncoligist about my lymphnodes (when they did my reconstrution surgery the sample of lymph nodes they took one came back positive.)  Does this always spread??  How do you know the chemo  "killed" it all.  I am done with my 12 /3 day chemo, waiting a scan in Se...

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      What about the oxyplaten (?)  drug in the Folfox

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      At 50 feeling fine and in great shape had a routine colonoscopy. I was told I had a tumor but they caught it early, surgery would take care of it. Not the case went from stage 1 to stage 3 in the blink of a eye. Surgery/Port installed/chemo started/and now I am feeling lost...my treatment is done. I have such bad nerve damage I deal with through drugs, exercise and acupuncture and I live in fear until my next scan (Sept 2015) I see the oncologist every 90 days all blood work looks great, had a full hysterectomy last day of Dec 2014 ( had to make the best of paying my deductible) as a mind relief ...more parts I don't have less chance for cancer to come back ..I know that's not really true..but it makes me feel better...I work full time even through my chemo... Looking for advice on how to move past the fear...Yes I have a wonderful husband and young adult children, and tons of friends BUT none have been effected by cancer. That's my story in a nut shell!

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