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    After surgery in December 2016 to remove a tumour on my right occipital lobe, it was found to be benign, though i knew a very small piece wasnt removed because of the sensitive area where it sat,3 months after surgery i was scanned & i got the all clear, but between March & the second scan, it had metastisized & become a grade 4 gbm, i had 30 doses of radiotherapy alongside 42 doses of chemotherapy in tab...

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      My story is very similar to yours, I had a benign occipital lobe tumour removed in December 2016, all clear at the 3 month post surgery, then at the 9 month stage it had metastasis itself & it’s now a GBM, I’m 4 weeks into radiotherapy & Temadol chemotherapy, 2 weeks to go, then 28 off, then onto the 28 day cycle for 6 months, then I don’t know anymore at this stage. My left peripheral vision has worsened. I trust yo...

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