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    Hi Folks - Have been off the board for a while wandering the highways and byways. But a problem has developed and I have my concerns and suspicions.I'm 9 years out from radiation/chemo for sphenoid sinus cancer. Took quite a beating from treatment but made my way back. Side effects were present from treatment but finally plateaued out in recover at about the 5 year mark.Suddenly, about a year ago, I started having pe...

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      Hey DJ: Things are sounding positive - which I guess is an odd things to say in our world! :) Your first window is 2 years - get thru that and your odds of recurrence drop significantly. Five years and your risk is nil although you'll always be a "cancer patient". It took me several years to get my saliva back. I'm 8 years out now and I'd say I'm back to around 90%. Still a little dry at night but no longer a persi...

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        Hi Wilson:Sorry to hear about the troubles but I know you'll find some helpful wisdom and guidance from the people here on this forum. You didn't mention which type of H&N cancer you were diagnosed with. Do you have any metal fillings in your teeth? Radiation has a tendency to bounce off of these fillings. If so, I'd suggest a mouth guard that a dentist can make from moldable material. They might be able to do i...

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          Hey Sue: Yep - classic definition of frustration. I did mention that to him when I emphasized the second, or even third, opinion. I don't know if he's been seeing and ENT or GI but I'll pass him the suggestion. Thanks again. Let's see what's possible... - Jeff

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            Susan: Many thanks for responding. It's certainly a struggle. I think he would be somewhat satisfied if he could extend the dilation visits to once every 4 months. Don't know if a GI or ENT does it but I'll certainly pass on the query. Unfortunately he keeps going back to the same physician who offers the same treatment and always the same disappointing results. I'm hoping we can find some additional options to re...

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              Hello all: Knowing that this group has the depth of experience and wisdom needed, I'm looking for your help with a friend who is experiencing frustrations and failures with throat dilations. This has been going on for about 2 years. He has the dilation done, he can eat, drink and swallow for about 10 days, then the throat constricts again. He goes for another dilation, has temporary relief, but then back to the ini...

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                Hi all: Long time between visits for me - hope you all doing fabulously well! Murf100 is on the right track. But rather than going with a mesh surgical brief and cutting that down, you can actually buy - or the hospital might supply - a tubular gauze elastic. It would look something like theSePro Net Dressing Tubular Elastic Gauze Bandage <http://tinyurl.com/nmaoq26>. This is NOT an endorsement of that produc...

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                  Hey Dr. All the above suggestions should offer you some options. Don't get frustrated - at 3 months out, there's still quite a bit of recovery to go thru. Dry mouth is one of the major complaints and it's going to take many months for it to resolve. How much damage was done to the mucosal tissue really can only be answered as time progresses. It's also important to understand that saliva ain't just spit and helps f...

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                    Hey Rob - Sorry to hear about the difficulties. But I don't think that any of us are in a position to diagnose your problem. Even a physician, if he or she were online in this forum, would want to do a full history and exam and not make a judgement just from a photo. My suggestion is to get some recommendations for an ENT doc and make an immediate appointment. These types of physical changes should be evaluated and...

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                      Hi Bruce: I'm a member and co-facilitator for a SPOHNC chapter on Long Island. It's an incredible group of people who are open, sincere, honest, experienced and willing to share that experience with the caregivers and survivors who need that support and guidance. It's an environment where we don't have to hold back, there's no risk of embarrassment or judgement, and a free flowing forum of real-time advice. SPOHNC ...

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