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    Can anyone share information regarding long term effects of radiation therapy after lumpectomy, 2 re-excisions. Does the radiation ever cause any other cancers?  

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      Thanks for the reply.  I have heard that the Oncologists do make money off the drugs they prescribe.  Pretty scarey, huh? I truly feel good about my decision and won't let myself be influenced to take something that I don't feel is safe.  And, thanks for the hero comment, but I really don't think of myself as a hero, just another person who is surviving cancer.  Please wish your Mom the best from ...

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        After my lumpectomy in May, 2017 and 2 re-exision surgeries, plust 21 radiation treatments, I decided that since my margins were clear, and no lymph nodes were positive, Stage 1 grade 2, er pos, pr pos, and her2neg, that I really don't want to risk the horrible side effects of putting anymore drugs into my body.  I had an unpleasant with the oncologist who prescribed it to me.  He thought I was not being fa...

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