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    I posted weeks ago after I got home from the hospital where I had a coma induced by a severe toxic reaction to 5fu.  I know I mentioned that I was confused how and why I came out of the coma so quickly.  Well, I found out some interesting news.  I was sent to Massachusetts General Hospital for a third consultation about the coma and questions about my future  without 5fu.  This hospital works...

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      Forgive me, but one of my lingering issues is spelling and sentences that may sound funny.  I think I finish them in my head and don't type them.  Although I am grateful I can type.  I couldn't before and I couldn't even use the phone.  So, I may have run on sentences and incomplete thoughts.  This, still lingers.

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        As I read these stories my heart is so heavy.  Back on October 24, 2014 My husband found that I was acting strange.  I had my second chemo treatment the previous Wednesday (that is the last day I have any memory of my time at home until I started waking from my coma) At 2am I fell in our bathroom and I told him I was fine, but I had vertigo and if he could help me up.  This "help me up" became like a r...

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