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    Hello Greg, I very much support and appreciate your choices. We all need to make our own choices. I have recently begun incoporating cannibais oil into my treatment plan.  I have a different cancer, but it seems that it can be helpful for many types of cancer. I don't know alot, I am still learning and am working with a practitioner who has expertise in this arena. That said, I am not sure if they can ship it t...

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        Thank you Susan. This is so helpful. I have felt so all ne in this and hearing others experience is really helpful! May we all be well and happy.

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          Thank you so much. Your words are more helpful than you can ever know. I wish the medical community could lay it out so eleguently. Sending much healing

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            I am newly diagnosed with squamish cell carcinoma on my tongue. I have been working with an alternative practitioner to treat my condition for 2 months and have not seen improvment. So I have decided to go with surgery. I am overhwlemed, as I public speak for a living and am afraid my functioning will not allow me to continue with the work that I love. The surgeon has indicated that it will be a minor adjustment for ...

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              Thank you for sharing. I have been to two surgeons and it is interesting how they offer different options and perspectives. I was not offered the option of testing the nodes until I pushed for more information. I have not been offer the option to wait, but it would be my preferred option. Did your husband have surgery for the main lesion? I am curious about the outcome of that if he did and you are willing to share....

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                I have been diagonosed with squamish cell carcinoma on my tongue. I am awaiting surgery to have this removed from the back left are of my tongue. It has been suggested that I have a neck dissection. They want to remove 20 lymph nodes. A PET scan showed that 2-3 nodes might be affected, but it is unclear if they are malignent or not. I am concerned above removing more lymph nodes than necesarry, and have asked the sur...

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                I am a 54 year old woman diagnosed with Squamish cell carcinoma on the left side of my tongue. I am scheduling to have surgery in the next couple of weeks. i work with herbs and they are helping me to stay calm and to keep the swelling and irritation to a minimum. I have recently become extremely fatigued.

                I have many interests and passions, and look forward to regaining the energy to more fully enjoy my life.

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