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    Jaílton and Néia “We learned that our daughter had acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was two and a half years old.” How long did the treatment last? “She underwent chemotherapy for nearly two and a half years.” What side effects did she experience? “She vomited a lot and lost her hair. The enamel on her teeth darkened. And on three occasions she developed pneumonia.” How did that make you feel? “A...

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      A number of pelvic symptoms in men are related to inflammatory or tumorous prostate disease. Prostatitis—inflammation of the prostate—can cause fever, uncomfortable urination, and sacral or bladder pain. When the prostate is very swollen, it can prevent the patient from urinating. If inflammation is caused by bacteria, the disease is called bacterial prostatitis, and it can be acute or chronic. It is usually associat...

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        Just as blood plasma can be a source of various fractions, the other primary components (red cells, white cells, platelets) can be processed to isolate smaller parts. For example, white blood cells may be a source of interferons and interleukins, used to treat some viral infections and cancers. Platelets can be processed to extract a wound-healing factor. And other medicines are coming along that involve (at least in...

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          “Cancer is overwhelmingly caused by where you are, what you do, and what happens to you in life, rather than by what you are, a study of almost 90,000 twins has shown,” reports London’s newspaper The Guardian. Dr. Paul Lichtenstein of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute led the research team for this study. He says: “Environmental factors are more important than gene factors.” Scientists believe that smoking causes about 3...

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            X-ray imaging For more than 30 years, doctors and hospitals have been using what is known as the CT scan. The acronym CT stands for computed tomography. CT scanners produce three-dimensional X-ray images of the inside of our bodies. These images are helpful in diagnosing disease and examining internal abnormalities. While there is some controversy over the dangers associated with radiation exposure, medical expert...

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              There is controversy about a link between various diseases and caffeine consumption. Some researchers even report that coffee is healthful. In 2006, Time magazine reported: “Initial studies suggested [that caffeine] might lead to bladder cancer, high blood pressure and other ills. More recent research has not only refuted most of those claims but also come up with some significant benefits. Caffeine appears to have s...

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                A review of 14 studies involving 170,000 participants suggests that vitamin supplements do not protect against cancer of the throat, stomach, liver, intestines, and pancreas. According to the medical magazine Deutsches Ärzteblatt, the antioxidant supplements beta carotene and vitamins A, C, and E not only have no beneficial effect but could even slightly increase the cancer risk. Dr. Richard Sullivan of Cancer Resear...

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                  Kreteks, or clove cigarettes: These usually contain about 60 percent tobacco and 40 percent cloves. They deliver more tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide than do regular cigarettes. Pipes: Smoking a pipe is not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, for both habits can cause many of the same cancers and other diseases. Smokeless tobacco: This includes chewing tobacco, snuff, and flavored gutkha used in Southe...

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                    There are lots of machines out there that produces alkaline. I’m s skeptic when it comes to the right machine. Longevity is key when dealing with our hard water out the faucets....That’s key!!!!!!

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                      Making certain lifestyle changes is the best start” to relieving stress, says the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States. “Start with eating a well-balanced, healthy diet as well as getting enough sleep and exercise. Also, limit caffeine and alcohol intake and don’t use nicotine, cocaine, or other street drugs.” The NIH also suggests taking breaks from work, spending time with family or friends, lea...

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