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    My husband has been told that most probably his T2N2cM0 poorly differentiated squamous cell cel cancinoma of the left hypopharynx has metasticized to the lung.  The doctor plans to do nothing until the small spots become larger and then start him with the chemo Erbitux. He said that he had an estimated one year to live. He underwent 7 weeks of radiation and 2 rounds of chemo (too weak at the end to have the rec...

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    Hi. My name is Linda and I am 63. My husband, Joe, was diagnosed with throat cancer. We had a 2 week vacation scheduled and went on it because it only delayed treatment 2 or 3 days. He is beginning his 4th week. Complicating things is the fact that I inured my left knee on vacation and am taking my own pain meds & feeling my own pain. Another complication is that I work for myself as a psychotherapist and lose money every time I take off work to go to doctor's appts. I really have to be there because his hearing is bad even with his hearing aids and I want to make sure he really understands what the doctor says. The money part is more troubling to him than to me. He is retired so he is paid whether he is working or not. I feel very confident sometimes and very overwhelmed other time. We have been married 6 years (third and very successful marriage for both of us). I had melanoma 3 or 4 years ago that never spread to the lymph, so technically I am a survivor but don't really thing I earned the title because I didn't have to endure chemo or radiation.

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