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Esophageal Cancer
Emotional Support

My wonderful 66-year old father was diagnosed in September 2010 with Esophageal Cancer - Stage 4 with several mets to the liver. He started treatment in liver failure. I am devastated!!!

***UPDATE:*** Dad looks and feel wonderful. First CT scan showed shrinkage of primary tumor (he now has no issues swallowing) as well as reduction of mets in the liver. Dad did take turmeric before treatment began. He stopped once treatment started as there were concerns turmeric may interfere with the chemo and we could not take any chances with his liver.

***UPDATE 01/23/11:*** Dad doing awesome!! Pray for him - PLEASE.

***UPDATE 02/17/11:*** CT scan results - Doctor walked in the room and said "good news" regression of the disease; liver numbers are all normal - they weren't when he was diagnosed. Blood work is perfect. Same chemo treatment. Dad is living a normal life while undergoing treatment. I am grateful.

***UPDATE:*** Dad has a slight case of pneumonia. Recovering well. ***UPDATE:*** Well his recovery isn't going quite so well. After 5-days of being in the hospital and on morphine for pain due to the pneumonia. Dad is home uncomfortable and breathing heavy. According to the CT scan the pneumonia was mild. Dad also had a bone scan due to the pain and thankfully it came back negative.

***UPDATE:*** 03/06/2011 The cancer took over my dad's entire liver (2 weeks after a CT scan showed cancer reduction). He was told there were no more treatment options late Thursday. We were all in shock!! He peacefully passed away a little more than 48-hours later on March 6th at 12:25 am. I am totally devastated without my best friend. My grief is unbearable!

The photo I posted of myself and my father is 12-months to the date from today (March 20, 2010). I can't believe it. I am looking for support and I know that in time I will pay it forward by offering my support to patients and caregivers - friends.

***UPDATE:*** 06/30/11 Almost 4-months after my amazing Dad passed away. My grief is immense. I am no longer in shock. I know my best friend isn't coming back. I'm strong for my Mom. I'm functioning fine. I'm in grief counseling through Hospice. It helps to be surrounded with people who understand significant loss. I'd highly recommend trying it. The longing for his face, smile, voice, phone calls, hugs and I love you's is unbearable!!

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