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    Hi threewood, I have not gone through this myself but I have been a caregiver for my husband who just finished his treatments on Friday so hopefully I can answer any questions you have as I have had to watch my husband go through this. He is 26 and was diagnosed when we were 4 months pregnant. He was diagnosed in December and started treatments in January with combined chemo and radiation. He has HPV squamous cell c...

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      My husband was supposed to start radiation and chemotherapy next wednesday and was told two weeks ago that before he could get radiation, he would have to have teeth pulled or root canals. We did all of that. We had two root canals and three tooth extractions. We were about to get mapped for radiation and we had to have his dentist sign off saying he was clear. We thought everything was fine but he refused to sign th...

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        I am 24 years old and pregnant with our first child and my 26 year old husband was just diagnosed with HPV positive squamous cell carcinoma that originated in the tonsil. It has moved to the right side of his neck with lymph node involvement but we are not sure to what extent. We just know that it has involved his lymh node on the right side and has not spread to the lungs or anywhere else in his body. The tumor is ...

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