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    Thank you!  I requested the CA125 and am awaiting results.  My doctor thinks I should wait on the CT until I have a gyne as they may want to look at different things.  Exploring some natural avenues as well and hoping to get an answer soon.  I just want a test to definitively say "nope, it's not cancer" so I can move on and find the cause....  I will keep you posted.

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      Hi there. I am new to this forum and am 38 years old from Canada. Since December I have suffered with persistent bloating, nausea, inability to eat (I have no real appetite and get full quickly), pelvic pain on the left side, pain down my left leg and the occassional zap of referred pain in my left shoulder. Abdominal Ultrasound was normal. MRI shows a benign cyst on my vaginal wall which does not really explain my s...

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