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1st treatment at university of Chicago tomorrow . I have hope thanks for checking in. Hope all is good in your world
anybody have this type of treatment
Meet dr haraf at the university of Chicago. He is the best I can find. Wants to start right away . He says it will be a fight of my life. 50/50 but I will take it. Not going to give up. I made it this far. Time to get mean and beat this.
Thanks , we are running all over for opinions university of Chicago , also ctca next week. I don't want to push my luck with radiation
anyone have any thoughts on cancer Treatment centers of america
I had 8 chemo /40 radiation treatments. After one year my neck cancer returned . They did a neck dissection and now they want to give a radiation treatment . What do I do? I was always told they should only do it once. The risk of damage is too great. Anyone have any advise.
we had a 1/2 bottle put into the neck muscle. Didn't help. Acupuncture next Anyone else have a suggestion

On Sep 21, 2011 1:21 PM PopPop wrote:


You can try to do a easy stretching exercise that I was taught by my Physical Therapist after I completed my treatments for head and neck cancer.

A simple neck stretch exercise the Cancer Therapist taught me was to sit or stand and not move my shoulders. Keeping my mouth closed, look up at the ceiling as far as possible and hold for a count of 10. Return to facing forward and then look to the left and again count to 10, then the right. Next, look straight ahead and tilt your head to the left as if trying to get your left ear to touch your left shoulder, again count to 10, then the right side. That is the exercise she taught me and it has helped over the yrs. Try to do these 3 times during your day if you can.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

Thanks, yes I go therapist 2-3 times a week. Way past that. She thinks the nerve is caught in the scar tissue
neck spasm won't stop anyone else?
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squamous cell right tonsil stage( 4 ) 7/1/10 40 radiations and 8 chemo. finshed treatments 9/7/10 surgery on 1/13/11 to remove lymphoid on right side.I still have a feeding tube but starting to eat again.2/2/11 pet tube is out and i am working on getting back to a normal life.Thanks for all the prayers they help. 3/23 They Got it! ct scan was clean
..6/1/2011 I still feel good, working though day to day.
yoga is helping.6/28 had a small sore in my mouth ,they picked out a small piece of bone from the right side they said this was normal. didn't feel so normal but than it is a new normal everyday.
neck spasm seem to be getting worse as time goes on. hoping for a cure . new ct scan 7/1/2011 all clear.
Thanks to all for the positive thoughts. WOW what a year. Omg its back ...2.5 cm right side ,.... 18 mg pet up take .. I go to see the doctor s down town surgery is the only option

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