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    Hi there!  The original message was from a year ago, and things have changed.  I did two different hormone treatments which would work for 3 - 5 months (each) then the tumors woudl grow.  In december there was quite a bit of growth and he wanted to do chemo again.  When I questioned it, having been previosuly told chemo targets fast growing types, he said our goal was "stable diesease" and he thou...

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      Do not wait.  Call.

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        Diagnosed last year with low grade serous carcinoma, chemo resistant, etc. had a good debulking surgery and on anti estrogens to slow the spread. Low grade grows slowly, but curious what that means. Mine grew 1cm+ in 3 months and I just don't know what to expect. Not getting clear answers from doc. Anyone been through this who can share experience?

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