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    I'm a 63 year old cancer survivor. My CA125 has dropped to 22 from 3900 after a histerectomy for stage III Ovarian Cancer and this has happened without any use of Chemotherapy. I also have stage III Melanoma. Both cancers have the BRAF gene mutation. I have never had any Chemotherapy for either cancers.  I used Classical Homeopathy and my Specialist now agrees that there can be no other explaination for my reco...

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    I'm 63 and was diagnosed with stage III Ovarian Cancer and stage III Melanoma and told I would die between 2-6 months without treatment for Ovarian cancer and they would not promise any hope with treatment because of the secondary Melanoma in my lymph node. That was 16 months ago. My CA125 WAS AT 3900 AND NOW IS AT 22. When I was diagnosed, I turned to Classical Homeopathy as a support through my palliative care and it turned my cancer around. I was maintaining my health so well that my specialist agreed to give me a hysterectomy and remove the Melanoma growth with permission from the Melanoma specialist. The PET Scan showed I had no other hot spots. I have had no chemotherapy at all and my specialist has no other answer to the change in my diagnosis and prognosis than it must have been the Homeopathy. I know that the Homeopathy changed my life and has given me more time and health. It was also discovered that I have the BRAF gene mutation in both cancers.

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