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    Sorry for your loss atlambs, sending you and your family thoughts, prayers and love at this difficult time. My Dad passed June 13, everything just seems surreal at this point.... To those still referencing the timeline, it was on point and once that spooky mucus cough starts stay close to your loved one. Between anticipatory grief and actual grief this whole process has been heart wrenching. Sending lots o...

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      Hi Atlambs, I just had to write you and say I really feel for you. I am going through a very similar situation as you are- with my Dad, once he refused an Avastin treatment he has declined drastically. I can't carry on conversations with him, he's under hospice care as well, and he stays in a hospital bed all day in our house, barely eats or drinks its so very sad. He has no feeling on the right side of his body and...

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        For anyone who might one day reference this thread, here is a follow-up, my Dad's tumor started growing again very quickly. So the Doctor put him on a new treatment of medicine called "Avastin", and so far so good his balance and walking has improved with it and the help of physical therapists of course. So anyone out there with similar problems might look into "Avastin" to stabalize things.

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          Thank you so much for your reply and kind words Swagme, they mean more to me than you might even realize, thanks again.

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            Hi, My Dad was diagnosed with glioblastoma in May 2018, since that time he has had surgery in July to remove most of it, radiation & chemo (ended in Oct) and was doing fine. But about a 3 weeks ago (Jan 2019) he started having trouble staying focused riding a scooter (very scary) and a little trouble talking. As of the last week he has had trouble balancing and walking, he won't use a walker or wheelcha...

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