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    I haven’t seen a Gastro yet, we’re still in the beginning stages of testing. Thank you for all of your info, I will definitely mention when I go back next week. I’m just scared because of my family history, and I KNOW something is wrong. That’s what I told my doctor, there is something wrong with me. I get the rest of the bloodwork back today, and the CT is Wednesday. Hopefully we’ll have more answers.

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      Hi guys, I came here to ask questions about how you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I gave birth in June of 2019 to my second son. I had a very tough pregnancy, and afterwards have had several symptoms that I had dismissed as postpartum issues...until now. For the last 12 weeks my symptoms have been getting more and more severe. It started as SEVERE hair loss, not your normal postpartum hair loss, but I di...

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