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    I"ve had several female issues myself, I just did the leep procedure, i was told to take aleve, but I prefer Tylenol.  They will numb you, if your doctor listens, after the shot as them to give you a few seconds to take effect, it's 20 minutes and it's better than a D&C which is like an abortion.   Your down time is 12 days, no baths/swimming pools for 30 days.  You cramp and they pack your v...

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      I had my procedure done on June 26, 2018, this go around it was terrible, the equipment malfunctioned, they argued over needle sizes to use.  I felt so helpless adn then after giving me the meds I felt everything.  I had to be packed in cold towels I had a serioius anixety attack.  My face and lips were numb so I couldn't feel anything.  I drove myself home, and now this stuff coming out with terr...

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