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    So starting Feb of this year a knot popped up on lymph node on neck. Since then at least 4 more have come about on my neck. Dr gave me antibiotics and it didnt nake a difference at all. This month another came up under my left arm. And just this past week I woke up with a hard mass on my chest ( in between breast and collar bone in the center ) Dr is sending me for an ultrasound on my throat and said she needed to ta...

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      I'm 24 yrs old. I have a 2 yr old little boy...2 yrs ago a place popped up in between my toes. I never got it look at and my life was so hectic till this year I never even had time to really look at it up close ( single mother life) till now. Since Jan this yr I started getting nose bleeds. Sharp pains in stomach/random spots sometimes and here in the past 2 weeks what I thought was acne at first are not knots that w...

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