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    Thanks so much for your replies and advice crob1024 and jeanssister. Very heartening to hear of the longevity achieved by your husband and sister (still going!). I will be very happy (and my family) if I can achieve the same, although as i have a wild type genetic profile rather than a mutant profile, I am aware that my prognosis is not as favourable, as the wild type profile is less responsive to treatment. I hav...

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      Hi, I am a 55 year old male just diagnosed with diffuse astrocytoma stage 2 IDH wild type after experiencing mild headaches and nausea. The tumor is inoperable due to its deep location (Basal Ganglia). My neurosurgeon advises that the disease will progress to high grade after a period of time and that treatment is required, either radiotherapy or chemo or both. I will be referred to a neuro oncologist. Has anyone h...

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