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Ok , I'm new to this place . I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2013 and had a complete hyserctomy. Only keep my right over due to the age I was the doctor didn't want to send me into early menapause. Anyways I had a radical robotic hyserctomy. Now fast forward to today. I've been having issues off and on for a while. I've developed a cough that want go away . Been to several doctors and they give me medicine and when its all gone the cough comes back. I've been having issues with my heart because of whatever we don't no. They are going to do a EchoCardiaGram I guess that's how you spell it Im not sure . I had some bloodwork done last week and it came out abnormal. So my doctor sent it off for further testing. They done a blood smear and it shows my white blood count is low and my cells are abnormally shaped. Now I've got to have a CT scan done and had,more blood drawn. They also set me up with a hemotalogist oncologist. I'm so lost for words . I'm terrified. I don't no what to think or feel anymore. I'm happily married and we have three amazing kid's together. The thought of not seeing them group makes me so upset. Has anyone bee thru this before ? Any help would help. Cancer runs through my family . I've lost way to many loved ones from this . :(

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