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    Where are you located? If you're in Australia try and get into Charlie teo. To have the best chance 95 percent needs to be take out. Where is the tumor located? I would book in for an MRI scan and get a second opinion asap. Proceed with radiation and chemo as it has been shown to work. But 95 percent needs to be taken out to have the best chance. Get him on Cannabis oil with thc in it asap.

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      Did he get an MRI scan post op to confirm that 95% of the tumor was taken out? Dad didn't, and the surgeon said he got all of it when we later found out he took a tiny bit. So radiation and chemo was a waste of time. Radiation knocked dad back and killed some good cells. But if 95% of the tumor has been taken out then there is a good chance it can kill what's left. Cannabis oil with thc and a good diet are also a m...

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        As in from Australia I'm not sure about Oklahoma. However, im sure if you ask all of your friends if they know anyone then I'm sure you can get your hands on it. It's illegal here too, but when there is someone's life on the line you do anything you can. There's a clinical trial coming up soon involving Cannabis oil too as it's showing some really positive signs. Also, minimse red meat and sugar aswell. Dads a...

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          No brain tumour is inoelrable according to dr Charlie teo mate. My dad was given two months from a surgeon. We flew down to Sydney to see Charlie and was able to remove the whole tumor which was the size of a orange. We just had his 6 week scan and he is completely clear with no signs of anything growing back. Dad had been on a good diet and also take Cannabis oil daily. Both cbd oil and thc oil. We believe this is w...

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            Hey all I just wanted to share a miracle story of my dad. He is a healthy 62 yr old who was in the best health of his life, until he had a seizure in January. Which led to the discovery of a brain tumor that was the size of a golf ball . A week later he went under the knife at pindara hospital to remove as much as they could. Dr tan the surgeon said he got most of it so we were ecstatic. For some reason dr tan ...

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