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    Well sir... you and I haave the same trepidations. Hormone is a horror story. The mdial establishment sells anything they can keep the profits running on. I, too, am shopping for a more humane answer. SO! Is there any choice but alternatives like, Dr William Li and Anti-angeogenisis therapy = foods that depliccate or, in some cases, exceed the effectiveness of chemo? He cured his mother with this science. Look him up...

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      hI rAY Please, tell me where and how you got apricot pits, because I thought they were banned in the USA. Also, wasn't there a danger of arsenic poisoning from the seeds? Lastly, where is "encapsulated ViAMIN C available. I have prostate cancer but my stomach and back aches are making me look4 information on this too. THANK YOU, Ray

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