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    Oh no I’m so sorry to hear this , when t happened to me she hit my artery , wondering if they cut your artery as well? Get ready for a long recovery cause mine almost felt endless ! For sex I waited 6 months and still my vagina wasn’t ready , recommend you waiting 8 months but who knows maybe you heal faster than I do ?! I also recommend taking some laxatives when I was on Vicodin, iron pills and ibuprofen I got so b...

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      Yes my margins came back clear ! Thank the lord !! For the longest time I thought I had a bacterial infection but all follow up appointments I got checked for it and no infection it does smell gross the smell lasted about 2 months for me. Everyone is different though and my healing also did take 3 months super long felt like I would never heal. Don’t forget everyone heals at a different pace.

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        I just got my LEEP procedure 3 weeks 2 days ago, for anyone that's going to get this procedure done I HIGHLY recommend getting put under. EVERYBODY is different, I was reading for long about different experiences and how in the office it was pain less and to not be scared so I said okay, I'll go with the in office procedure I'm sure I'm over reacting. I also read about a few people complaining how it was painful and ...

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          So when I first read about leep procedure I went online reading other people stories how it didn't hurt etc etc. Well it hurt so bad that I jumped and my doctor accidentally cut my vaginal wall hitting an artery causing me to loose so much blood and go into emergency surgery I got stitches in my vaginal canal .If you are getting this procedure don't do it in the office I repeat get the operating room , it was all not...

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