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Hi Gabriela! Hope you saw my previous post regarding the diet. I was wondering if you had time to check out Path with Paws blog. There are some very detailed sections which I think would give you some additional information, in particular a treatment protocol for dogs with HSA in the spleen or liver.

Another great source that perhaps you may want to take a look at is this site. It was created by an onwer like you and I whose dog was dignosed with cancer and liver for over 5 years with no radiation or chemo, just applying natural alternative modalities: http://dognasalcancertreatmentforlucy.blogspot.com/

Please don't get discouraged and try not to feel overwhelmed and stressed, I know it's easier said than done. But when your mind in clouded with worry, frustration and sadness, it's often hard to see the answers. But there is always a way in any situation. When you say that you can't even begin treating Lilu because Amazon purchases will not be allowed through customs, does this mean anything and everything that is imported from US or other countries will not be allowed? I really hope that is not the case because there are many other sources where you can get the needed supplements. I can share many links with you if you would like. Just send me a direct message here.

In any case, try to find the strength to focus on the positive outcome, the outcome that you want to see and what you want to see? Lilu being healthy, well and free of cancer. So think those thoughts. Visualize her being healthy, perhaps a couple of years down the road, in the future, you and her playing or just sitting somewhere at the beach or in a medow, enjoying each other's company. See it in your mind's eye. You know how to dream, right? We all day dream every day. So that is all you need to do. Once you do that, you will notice that your mind doesn't stay in the negative sad place as often. The more you practice thinking and feeling positive things through visualizaiton, the easier this will become for you.

Now that you know how to be in that state of mind, you will be able to make better choices and you will intuitively know what is right for your baby. There is no right or wrong, it's only what feels right for you. If you feel that you want to take another route of some other medical treatment, go that route. If you feel that natural remedies is more of a path, do that. You will know.

At this point, it is crucial for Lilu to gain strength and get her digestive processes and stomach back on track. With the diet that I mentioned earlier you should be able to achieve that in a couple of days. Please NO KIBBLE!! Even if this will put a strain on your financially, at least do it for sometime while you are trying to get your dog's immune system back into balance. Later you can research the best quality food that will not break your bank account. It is really true - you are what you eat and as Socrates put it - Let food be your medicine.

Once you have Lilu's digestive issues under control, you can introduce some of the things we have already discussed here. I will list them again:

1) Medicinal mushrooms, 2)CBD oil, 3)Apricot seeds, 4)Fish oil, 5)Milk Thistle (to help with and detox liver), 6)CoQ10 (to increase cells ATP and energy flow to the heart), 7) IP-6, and then Chinese herbs such as Yunnan Baiyao which you already give her, Concentrated Stasis Breaker, Ge Xia Zhu Yu tang and Xiao Chai Hu Tang. Obviously, there are other supplements and any/all of these should be discussed with your vet. S/he may suggest some other things more beneficial and specific to your dog's case. But in all honest, the first 6 that I mentioned above, you can totally start giving on your own. I don't know your dog's size but it's easy to determine the doses. Let me know if you need help or just Google. This way you will already be supporting your dog's immune system and even reversing the spread/growth of cancer.

Lastly, I will share this with you. When I first wrote on here, I was just as devastated as you and looking for answers. That was a month ago. I've researched and based on the information I could find, I made an array of informative decisions that I felt were right for my boy. Everything that I have shared with you on here is what I've done for him so far. 

This past Saturday, I took him to our local cancer group to get a second opinion. The oncologyst and I spent 5 hours together discussing his current treatment protocol, doses, any other alternative treatments such as Acupuncture, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Electromagnitic therapy and so forth, which I would recommend you inquiry your doctor about. My oncologist highly recommends CBD oil (she likes CBD Rx Forte oil but there are many other high quality products). Then we did a complete check-up on Xane, everthing from checking his pH level to liver/kidney functions, to red/wite blood cell count, ultrasound of his whole body, X-Ray of his lungs and his fron leg as he has been limping for a few months and I started to freak out thinking that this may have been linked to him getting the cancer spread to his joints. 

His blood work came back perfect with pH level of 7.47! Now, you probably know that dogs have a smiliar pH level as us humans - 7.0 being a perfectly balanced alkaline level. when someone has cancer, or even if don't but as a preventive measure, you always want to shoot for a pH level on above 7, preferably 7.5 or even 8 being the highest. Anything south of 7 will be acidic environment and a ground for cancer growth. Where am I going with this? He has been on raw diet and since he has been diagnosed with HSA in the heart, I've modified it even more because I couldn't trust the meat source that my suppliers was using in their pre-packaged food. So besides cooking his meat, I've added a bunch of veggies, cottage cheese, coconut oil, etc...you can get a recipe of the cancer diet online. if not, PM me and I will send it to you. So the feeding is on point and the doctor was impressed. Oh and I give him alkaline water too.

Next...they did an ultrasound of his heart....they spent an hour...they couldn't find the tumor!!! The doctor came out and was a bit stunned telling me "I don't know what to tell you but we looked and looked and looked, checking from all the angles, several people in the room. We didn't see it where the mass was before." He also didn't have any effusion!! She said in her time, she has never seen a dog who had bled so much (my boy was in ICU and had his fluids tapped 3 times in 24 hours) and then not bleed within a week after that. Now...I will call it a miracle as did she and I will attribute it to God's healing power first as I have prayed none stop ever since Xane's diagnosis (and I am not religious by any means). Then, after I acknowledge God's grace, I will say that I truly believe that his diet and all of the supplements that I have put him on have been doing the work. I am not saying that all of this stuff is a one-size fit all treatment for every dog and every case. But I will say that it definitely helps and if anything will give your dog a quality life, regardless of how many weeks/months/years she has left. You see the thing is, animals don't know that they have cancer. It's us humans who make this into this horrific, end of life, terrible, world shattering thing, and yes, in our world it really is because we have the capacity to think a thought and give it a meaning and that is how we live our life. The animals do not. They simply live. That is why they are truly the angels sent down to earth to show us how to live in a moment, not dwlling on what was or what may happen. So your dog Lilu doesn't suffer in the same way you suffer - emotionally. she may be in pain, but she lives through that pain and experiences it in that moment, and they the next, and the next. The point of this is that you can create the circumstaces for her where she will be enjoying each moment as it comes while playing with you, talking to each other, holding her, soothing her discomfort through whatever remedies you choose. 

The final thing regarding Xane's case...although his blood work and no evidence of tumor being present was an absolutely incredible news, there was some bad/concerning news and that is the doctor noticed some nodules on his spleen and liver as well as a spot on his lungs X-ray. We don't know if the nodules were there before as I didn't have that checked when he was first admitted to the ICU a month ago. However, she says that since his blood work was perfect, she wouldn't want to do anything at this point, even a biopsy. We agreed to re-check him in 3-4 weeks. Now, is this upsetting for me? Of course! A huge concern that the cancer may have spread. But then again, it may not be cancer. It can just be some fatty tissue or some other type of benign tumor. What I choose to focus on is that I want to see Xane healed. And I will continue with the protocol I have been using. I choose to believe that this, just like the case with his heart tumor, can also disappear. So my hope for you is that you can stay as positive throughout this ordeal as you can find the strength to be and armor yourself with as much knowledge as you can get your hands on as well as surround yourself with those people/experts who can give you the best of their attitude, advice and support.

And as always, if you have any questions, please reach out. 

Love & Light to you and your beautiful girl Lilu <3

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - Yesterday at 11:04 PM

Hi Gabriela, I just typed up a very long reply to you with some tips for your precious girl Lilu and the website crushed....aaaggrrr....I will have to do it again later tonight when I get home. But wanted to get back to you.

For now, please see if you can cook her some home diet. Very simple - cooked chicken breast skinless or turkey is better as it's less acidic of meats. Then add some white rice (I usually am not a fan of grains but in her situation with stomach upset this will help) and mix in some pumpkin (you can either buy raw and cook it yourself or get it in a can). Don't know your dog's size but usually 1 tablespoon is good. Also, add a little bit of homemade bone broth (this is usually cooked for 24-48 hours so you may not start it until a couple of days from now but it's a great one to help with her stomach issues). Lastly, add some digestive enzimes and if you can find raw goat milk (start with a small amount as it may take her some time to get used to it). This type of milk is different from cow's milk and has an amazing effect on your pet's immune system, digestion and creating good bacteria in the gut (don't take my word for it, Google other pet owner's feedback).

So this should get your babygirl back on track with her stomach issues. I will type the rest - natural remedies such as Chinese herbs that would be helpful in her case later tonight.

Sending you and Lilu positive healing vibes and prayers for speedy recovery. Xoxo

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 13 at 10:46 PM

One more thing that I forgot to mention - but please talk to your holistic vet and see if s/he thinks this supplement may be of benefit to your dog:


This one is very similar to Essiac Tea - many of the ingredients have been used for ages to increase body’s ability to fight cancer.

And to add to satomom’s comment (and please don't take it as I am arguing with you, it's just an inquiry)…if you agree that chemo is poison why then advise someone to consider it or administer it to your pet? I wish people did more research. I was devastated and heartbroken too when my boy got diagnosed with HSA a month ago. Depressed and crying, I too considered chemo after talking to the oncologist. That and radiation seemed like a good/tried way to apporach this terrible disease. But internally, my heart kept saying – don’t do it (By the way, we always know the truth, just quiet your mind and listen, you will alsways find answer). So I snapped out of my crying and depression and has been doing research day and night ever since. It's been a well-known fact that cancer cure has existed for decades and the only reason why radiation and chemo are pushed on patients is because big pharmaceutical companies make millions on these drugs. They can't make money on something that they can't patent and that is anything that comes/grows in nature. And also, they know that when people are in such dire and devastated states, they will do anything they are told to save their loved ones. I wish more people looked beyond the “let’s treat the symptoms with medication.”  You need to look at the root cause of what’s happening. Because it worked on your dog, it does not prove that it's a good route to take. I just talked to my friend who is about to become a doctor and he has seen hundreds of cases like these. He told me after what he has seen, he would NEVER put his dog or advise anyone to go the tradition radiation/chemo route precisely because he has seen it with him own eyes how devastating the process is and what it does to animals. In most cases it doesn't work (it's not my subjective or my friend’s opinion, there are millions of sources that come from both cancer patients and doctors who support this claim). In cases when chemo works (very slim 3%), it's mostly because the tumor was been detected in its initial states and hasn't grown to the point where it took over a large enough area and also because the person’s/dog’s immune system was not heavily compromised. By the way, the only reason why someone gets cancer, or any disease for that matter, is because their immune system becomes weak. Chemo will make it even weaker. This in turn doesn't help the body to fight back. This is so simple, yet most are brained washed by the medical community and don’t see how common sense this really is.

We cannot cure cancer, but the body can if it is in homeostasis, has all the right tools that it needs, and we keep the total stress level manageable. Again, please understand what cancer is. It is a natural process and the way a tumor grows is when the process of natural cell division gets out of whack. By reversing that, you will get rid of cancer. You absolutely can create an environment in your pet's body that will be in a position to fight cancer cells. One, make sure you elevate your pet's pH lever above 7.4 (through feeding high alkaline foods, absolutely no acidic, giving alkaline water). Cancer can't grow in alkaline environment and only spreads in acidic (read high sugar in food). You need to have surplus of oxygen which will also inhibit cancer metastasis (perhaps see if your vet offers Oxygen Therapy). This is one of the ways to induce cancer cells apoptosis. There are many others (i.e. cut blood supply to cancer cells). Another one being vitamin C and Laetrile. The chemical structure of their molecules is similar to glucose and actually one of the chemical agents that is bonded to other substances in them is glucose. When you starve cancer cells by not providing any glucose, they will look for it somewhere else. When they attract those molecules, they will unlock the agents within vitamin C and Laetrile that are poisonous to cancer cells. Another way is to feed your pet high protein (choosing lowest acidic proteins such as venison, fish, wild duck, boar, elk and turkey) and moderate fat, minimum carbs. The body will do fine because healthy cells can convert fat into glucose for energy but cancer cells lack that ability, so basically they will starve. Any foods that are high in anti-oxidants will aid your dog in fighting free radicals which are created by cancer cells. Again, all of this is available on the internet. All you need to do is just dig a little.

The body is an amazing machine and it does so many things without us even asking. It can sustain millions of processes and is able to heal itself. We just need to give it a little help. Right diet, clean water, as less stress as possible and bringing the immune system back to its balance is what needs to be done. If you are consistent with the process and stay positive, your dog with have a much greater chance to live cancer free. And even if not (I don’t know the severity of the case), you can still extend her life and it will be a quality life, free of pain and all these negative side effects.

It’s really simple: Boost immune system/Extra support for the organ that’s been damaged/attacked by cancer cells/Induce cancer cells apoptosis = BECOME FREE OF CANCER.


RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 13 at 8:20 PM

Hi Gabriela. I am very sorry to hear about the terrible outcome after the surgery and chemo. If I were you, I would advised against chemo as it is a pure poison. Please do research. Do you know that most of the chemo durgs are carcenogenic?? They even state so on the label. Yes, it is supposed to kill cancer cells. BUT, it also kills healthy cells. And your dog need those more than every since her immune system is already compromised severely. But again, I am not a doctor. You need to make the choice. But again, please do research first. It is well know that in 97% cases chemo and radiation don't work, neither for pets or people.

Now, if this was my dog...I would do everything possible to first - BOOST her immune system, then support her liver and induce apoptosis (this is a natural process by which cancer cells die).

If you want, please go back and read my post. I listed many great supplements to use which are all natural. Since you can't get I'm Yunity, perhaps you can order from Amazon.com ? There is just as great of a mushroom supplement as I'm Yunity called Turkey Tail mushrooms by Host Defense. And it's much cheaper. You can also look into getting MyCommunity by Host Defense. It is a blend of all the mushrooms that have been known to fight cancer and boost immune system. If you can't order this product, just go to any of your health stores and buy Reishi or Maitake mushrooms. You can also find them fresh and sold online. Just Google.

Additionally, here is an amazing website where you can get a lot of helpful advise: https://pathwithpaws.com/blog/2012/07/31/the-hardest-cancer-

And finally, I would suggest adding sume canned pumpkin to your dog's diet. It will definitely help her with stomach upset and diarrhea. And please try to shift your state of mind. I know it's very difficult, especially when you see your beloved companion in pain and struggling. But the power of positive thinking and positive energy should not be underestimated. Your dog picks up on your energy and you will not help her heal if you are emitting a negative low energy. She needs to see you in good spirit and smiling. Pet her as often as you can and cheer her up - play with toys or just sit there and tell her some stories in a positive tone of voice. Also, play some healing music (432 and 528 GHz frequency) every night. You can find it on YouTube.

Feel free to ask any quesitons you may have and best of luck! Sending you and your girl healing energy!!!! Xoxo 

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 09 at 11:24 PM

Thank you so much! Will check it out.

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 09 at 11:16 PM

Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely check out your blog.

Meanwhile, I was curious if you can post here any natural remedies that you have your dog on. I think it would be very helpful for anyone who comes to this forum.

Also, what type of diet is your dog on?

Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 07 at 11:56 PM


My 8 year old lab was just recently diagnosed with Hemnagiosarcoma after he collapsed. The ultrasound showed a tumor on the right side of his heart. He had fluid built up around his heart and internal bleeding and spent 2 days at ICU where they tapped his fluid 3 times during 24 hours. He was given onl days to live and the vet suggested to put him down as this type of cacer is very progressive and since it's blood vessel originated, it can easily spread to other organs.

To say that I am heatbroken is an undestatement. He had been the healthiest and happiest dog until this happened. We have not visited a vet in 5-6 years. He has been on a good raw diet since about 1 year old.

I opted out of doing radiation and chemo as his oncologist suggested. It never works and basically it's a poison and I refuse to kill my dog with these so called traditional "treatment" methods.

I've modified his diet and am actually getting a special prescription diet just formulated just for dogs with cancer delivered this week. He has been on Yunnan Baiyao and some Chinese herbal supplements such as Concentrated Stasis Breaker. I've also put him on Turkey Tail mushrooms, Krill oil, CBD oil and Apricot kernels. He is getting Apocaps 3 times a day to influence cancer cells apoptosis. Finally, I just added raw goat milk to his diet.

It's been 3 weeks since his collapse and he seems to be doing great. I wanted to ask if any of you here on the board had a pet or know someone who had a pet who was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. And if so, would you please share what type of remedies you used and how your dog did on them. I am trying to do as much as I can to prolong my boy's life for as long as possible as he is my heart and my soul and I can't imagine loosing him to this nasty disease. In fact, I am determined to beat the freaking cancer! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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