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RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - June 27 at 6:11 PM

I wasn't doing any breaks, just gave it to my boy every day 2 or 3 times a day - he was around 100 lbs so he needed more. That's what his vet had suggested at that time. Because it's not a chemical, you wouldn't do the cycling on/off but I would suggest you talk to your vet and follow his/her treatment plan. Good luck!

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - June 27 at 6:00 PM

I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this horrible cancer :( Yes, natural remedies can definitely prolong your dog's life without giving it any bad side effects. Keep the faith! You will be surprised how far positive energy and prayer can go. Sending you healing energy and positive vibes!!!

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - November 16 at 12:01 AM

Thank you so much Gaby! I got your message on my personal email so I will respond to you there. Glad we have connected :)

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - November 09 at 7:16 PM

Dear Gaby,

Thank you so much for your kind message. Your words of care and support really mean a lot to me. And yes, I am still pretty depressed and heartbroken but as we all know, life goes on and I have to be at work, take care of other responsibilities, etc. And just like you said - no one cavreally understand the pain, they can only emphisize with it. But it seems that my crying spells though have deminished slightly but the two worst parts of my day remind the morning when I wake up and when I come home from work because when I open the door, my boy is not there to greet me. That is the worst thing ever at this point...

I know that Xane understood everything that happened and that he knows how much I love and care for him. He has visited me in my dreams twice since his passing and it was the most beautiful dream. He was a little pup happy, smilling and joyful, looking at me and smiling. That is how he communicated to me that he is still here with me and our bond is just as strong as it ever has been.

I am very sorry to hear about you not doing well. I hope that it's nothing life threatening and the surgery won't be as hard on you. I wish you a speedy recovery. And please try not to worry too much because that will only hinder your recovery process...you know what stress does to your body, right? Luli will cope with the situation as best as she can and it's good that you have a good friend who you can trust to take care of your girl while you will be away and recovering.

I can tell you that from my research, I haven't come across any other supplements that would be just as potent as Yunnan Baiyao when it comes to prevention of bleeding. You can talk to your oncologist and see if s/he may recommend something else. And to be completely honest with you, the tumors can grow pretty fast because this is a blood vessel based cancer and with that, the cancer cells travel through body at rapid rate. I am sorry, I know that is not what you want to hear, but I want to be honet with you. This is why Hemangio is considered the worst type of cancer in the medical community :( But again, it's a guessing game because no one can tell you for sure how you dog will do or how fast it can spread. I was just reading a case of a Golden Retriever who survived almost 6 months with heart Hemangio (what Xane had). The owners did however do a couple of Doxo treatments. It's unclear if they finished the entire cycle. They were just as happy and joyful because their dog was doing so great, looking and acting just like a healthy normal dog. Basically everything that I experienced with Xane. And then one day, out of the blue, she became very ill and it turned our that she was suffering from a bleed (I think it was from the spleen, just like in Xane's case). They had to put her down. Again, this is so so heartbreaking because this cancer is such a terrible disease in the sense of being so asymptomatic one day and killing a pet the next.

I would encourage you to seek a vet who can offer Yunnan Baiyao or some other type of Chinese formula that would help keep Luli's bleeding at bay. Again, there are no guarantees and just like in Xane and other pets cases, it can happen any minute even while on this supplement. But I think it will make you feel better if you put her on something preventive because you will at least have a peace of mind that you did everything you possibly could for your baby. I would also suggest you find canned or even raw pumpkin and add it to Luli's meals. I think you said she is a medium size dog, so 1 Tablespoon or even 2 will be enough. It will help her with her stomach issues. As much as I want to believe that medications help, I know that the chemicals in the pills have harsh agents that may upset the stomach lining even more.

And lastly, please try to come to terms with the fact that even if you do everything that you could possible do for Luli, when it's her time, she will have to transition to the other side. And it's not due a fault of yours or anything else, nor because you were a bad pet parent or because you didn't do this or that. Unfortunately, it's a part of life. I know it's so hard to accept and I am just now starting to do it but when pet's purpose in our life has come to an end, they will go and that will be their decision to go. You will know. Every owner who has a very strong emotional connection and deep bond with their pet feels it. I don't know how to explain it, but it's beyond the five physical senses. It's that intuitive knowing that just come to you. So try not to worry too much about that. And also, even if it does happen that Luli passes while you are at work or away somewhere, please know that that was her choice because the animals choose how they want to cross over and they choose a way that is going to be least painful for us. Sometimes, they know that it will be extremely hard on their person, so they choose to pass away at night while everyone is sleeping...

There is this woman Brent Atwater. She is an animal communicator and psychic medium. She has some amazing videos explainng how the relationship between humans and pets unfolds. She has many videos regarding pet loss, pet after life and grief process and she explains soul contract, purpose of our animals in our lives, how their energy continues to live on and other things. Perhaps, you will find her materials helpful in your case. She also has a group on Facebook that you can join and ask any advice and questions, they will always help....just be open minded...just because he don't perceive something with our five senses or don't understand something with our human mind, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist...

Again, thank you so much for your words of love, care and support. I truly appreciate it. I can tell that you are a very sensitive and compassionate soul yourself. My wish for you is that you will enjoy the time with your girl for many months to come. Cherish every moment and remember that Luli's soul energy has woven into your heart and will stay with you forever...



RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - November 04 at 6:54 AM

Dear Gaby,

I am sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to you...I want to tell you a story first and then I will try to answer your questions as best as I can...Please don't get discouraged by the story...There is a reason why I want to tell it to you, besides the fact that it may free my heart from aching, even if for for a moment...

My beloved boy Xane Maxwell passed away on Saturday, October 28 after a 1.5 month battle with this awful cancer. As you may recall from my first post, he was first diagnosed on September 18th after he collapsed and I rushed him to the emergency. Just like in case with Sammyjones dog, the ultrasound found a tumor in his heart. At that time, he suffered a heart failure and remained in ICU for two days where his fluids were tapped three times within 24 hours. He lost about a liter of blood and was given only hours/a couple of days to live. I was advised to euthanize him because as we all know by now, Hemangiosarcoma is the most aggressive type of cancer there is. It takes lives within hours and has no mercy for anyone.

I now understand why they call it the “silent killer.” It came out of nowhere and swept my lively boy away from me so fast, while he still had so many joyful years to look forward to. I didn’t listen to the vets then and didn’t put him down…every cell in my body was telling me that he was not ready to leave this earthy plane yet, that it was not his time to go. He was so strong and had such an incredible zest for life….Miraculously, that same day, Xane recovered, the bleeding stopped. My nightmare was seemingly a memory of the past…The next month and a half of our time together was a total bliss. We played every night, took our evening walks, barked at the neighborhood nemesis; he ate the best food and got his favorite treats often. I’d put him on as many alternative treatments I could possibly find. My boy was thriving. He was living every day as best as a dog knows how…

My world came crushing down again when he didn’t greet me as I walked out of my bedroom on the morning of October 28. I found him collapsed on the floor. This time it wasn’t his heart…he was having an internal bleeding into his stomach due to the ruptured tumors on his spleen and liver. There was nothing they could do to stop the bleeding other than performing a surgery to remove the organs but it wouldn't matter anyway because by then, the cancer had metastasized into his heart and lungs. And I couldn't put him through a surgery just so I could selfishly have another month or two with him if lucky. And I couldn't watch him in so much pain either…and so I had to make the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my life and let him go. I keep telling myself that it was the right thing to do but I feel so guilty for ending his life. Yet I couldn't do anything for him and watching him suffer was tearing me apart. His stomach was so big and distended from all of the blood flooding there, he was breathing so heavy and looking at me with the eyes of a tired animal asking "mom please help me" but I couldn't make his pain or his bleeding stop. Now, I'm in so much pain...a part of me died with him that night as I watched my sweet boy drift away after the injection...

Xane was my everything, my angel, my child, my teacher, my best friend, my soul mate. The house is a barren concrete box, so empty and dead silent without him. I couldn't leave my bedroom the next morning because I didn't want to open the door and not find my boy there greeting me as he always did with a happy dance, smiling and wagging his tail. I've had a few dogs throughout my life but none of them touched my heart the way Xane did. We shared a very special bond. He was the light of my every day. He was my shadow that followed my every step. He was truly a gift from above and an epitome of the purest form of kindness, patience, wisdom and unconditional love. He was that “one in a million” dog. There is not going to be another dog as beautiful, kind and perfect as he was. He was so full of life. He loved everyone he met. He greeted everyone with vigor and kisses, smiling wide and dancing a little dance while his tail was air paining joyful infinities. He loved people more than his own kind. Even those who were partial to dogs would fall in love with him. People would stop their cars on the streets to ask about him and comment on what a beautiful looking dog he was. He truly was an Angel and the wisest teacher. He showed me what kindness, compassion, living in the moment, tolerance, joy, passion, forgiveness, unconditional love are all about.

Now my life is so empty without him being here. And although I have amazing memories of him being with me for 8 years, not being able to have his physical presence now tears my heart apart. This is so unfair...we were just playing and goofing around on Friday night. And he was doing so well since his diagnosis in September. I was really hoping that all of the alternative remedies I was giving him were working and I prayed to God to heal my baby and grant me a miracle...but for whatever reasons God decided that it was my angel’s time to go...I don’t understand the lesson in this horribly tragedy…maybe with time I will, but not now. A minute doesn’t go by that I don’t miss my beautiful boy. The only solace I find in all of this is that he is now running free of pain. 

The last month and a half that we shared together was truly a gift as he beat all odds of his original prognosis for survival. I will cherish those happy times for the rest of my life, just as I will cherish every day of Xane’s beautiful presence that he graced me with since he came into my life when he was just an 8 week old puppy. I loved him more than anything in the world. They say time heals...this one will take awhile...

Xane was 8 years 3 months and 21 days young…Until we meet again…Rest easy my love….You are forever in my heart


The reason why I wanted to share this tribute with you is because my hope for you is that you see that now is all you have...Please try to spend as much time with your beloved girl. I know that you have to work, etc...and that's OK. We all have responsibilities in life. But when you come home, try to spend time with her, and I mean really take in the moments you two share together, be in the present moment because you don't know when God decides that it's her time. No one knows....that's the sucky part about life is that we live a lot of time as if we have all of the eternity (and yes in the spiritual world we do but in the physical plane, our time and the time of our companions is limited). Please try not to focus on the negative because when your little girl decides to cross over, you may be filled with regret for not being in the moment and just enjoying her company when you had that opportunity. It serves no purpose for us to be so focused on the negative. It does nothing other than drains your energy and sucks the life out of you, the energy and life that you could be offering to your precious dog. 

You ask how you are supposed to sit there and wait for new findings to be uncovered. DON'T! Spend the time by playing with Luli, cooking for her, petting her, giving her tummy rubs, telling her stories, singing to her, kiss, hug, whatever you do, anything is better than sitting there taken by grief. And yes, trust me I know how difficult it is to overcome the sorrow and sadness that crawl into your heart. We are not robots, we all have emotions. But what I am hoping for you to understand is that you will look back in time and realize that it was the energy wasted. Please don't do that. Regret is a horrible thing to live with. But you will not have any (or at least not as many) regrets, if you try to focus on the precious gift that your dog has given you by still fighting this nasty disease and still being in your life. You are already so much luckier than most of the dog owners who had their pets diagnosed with HSA because three months later Luli is still here with you...

As far as surgery goes. I can't tell you what to do because it's your dog and like you said we are all different and we have different desires, values and beliefs when it comes to life. I know that I personally have chosen the route of no radiation and chemo because my love for my dog superseded my selfish desire to keep him alive at no matter the cost. I wanted my boy to have the best quality of life and live life to the fullest without horrible side effects that those treatments often cause. And he did. Yes, his life got cut short and oh how would I love to still have him here with me, but you know what? I know that in all this devastation and misery I can find peace knowing that I didn't cause my boy to suffer for one day. I was true to my promise to be his guardian and take care of him without causing him any harm. He did live the best life until the last day when he passed. Looking back, my desire for mercy and compassion for his potential suffering overcame my selfishness. Because let's be honest, in doing "everything" we possibly can, without differentiating what is fair and where we should stop and draw the line of "enough is enough," we are often chasing our own selfish desire to have our pets with us. We are doing it for us, not for them...you see?

The reason why your oncologist told you that she stands by chemo and she wouldn't do it any other way is because that is all she knows; that is how most of the medical professionals operate. They get trained to offer pharmaceutical drugs. Do you really think that if you were to go through 4-8 years of school and residency where you were taught day in and day out that radiation, harsh drugs and all these chemicals are the only cure and the way to go, you would then turn around and preach something different?? It’s not her fault. It’s the way the system works…It's not that she means your dog harm. No...she genuinely thinks that those methods are the ones that cure cancer. Why? She doesn't stop and ponder on why that is or maybe it’s not?....she tells you what she was told by others. Majority of the society operates that way. We are told things and we take them at a par value and run with that "truth" without doing our own research. Please understand, I do not condone the traditional treatments as I think it has its own place in the medical community and there is definitely some validity in some cases (i.e. if you found out about cancer at its inception but that is rarely the case). But how can you turn to a treatment that is so poisonous and so horrific to your loved one’s body and watch them undergo days and months of that and call it a "treatment?" So you are using a "treatment" to kill cancer cells while at the same time killing body's healthy cells?? What kind of madness is that? It's a contradiction at best and a slow torturous murder at its core. Again, I know that there is a good number of people who subscribe to the mentality of "the end justifies all means" but I am not a part of that group. Even with Xane's passing way too soon, if I had to do it all over again, I would still decide against radiation and chemo. I want my consciousness to be clean knowing that I truly gave my dog the best life, free of pain and suffering.

This brings us to the question of does homeopathy work? Again, although my boy didn't get cured while being on all of those homeopathic remedies, I have not a single doubt in my mind that all those alternative treatments did help him stay alive longer while having the best quality of life. Both the cardio and onco doctors called him a miracle dog because they didn’t expect him to go for as long as he lived with zero reoccurrence and/or discomfort. Where I think I failed? I honestly think that I should've done a regular check-up on him much earlier, not wait until I found him collapsed on the floor. I think that is mainly why the alternative remedies were not as effective as they could've been. I believe that if you catch cancer very very early while it has not had chance to metastasize yet, natural remedies have an upper hand over radiation, chemo and all other drugs. It's simply because the body is still in the state of homeostasis and has a strong enough immune system to fight cancer off on its own and with the boost of natural supplements and diet, it's a very powerful combo.

Now, in case of your dog? Again, I don't want to steer you one way or the other because I would hate to take such a responsibility on myself...I can only tell you what I would do if I were you....but you need to make that decision....I would take her to a vet to do a complete round of ultrasound of all of her organs and X-ray of her lungs (and joints if you suspect that cancer may have spread but with Hemangio it's not likely to spread to the bones). And I mean a really thorough checkup of every major organ of her body. Don't rely much on blood work. Xane’s blood work was perfect on the day he passed. The only thing that was wrong was his red cell blood count was dropping but that's because he was losing blood from his spleen and liver very fast). If they don't find any new tumors, then try to double, no triple, on as much of the immune boosting supplements as you can possibly find/afford. I believe that if there is no spread, you girl has really good chances of beating this cancer or at least keeping it at bay for a prolonged period of time. Always remember - your main focus has to be on maintaining as healthy of an immune system as possible. If, however, they find something that was not previously there, you should take a deep breath, don't panic, don't spiral into despair, don't jump into any decisions, don't let the doctor stir you into anything on the spot by telling you "this is THE ONLY thing you should do." Ask for ALL possible options from most effective to least, from most expensive to least, from longest prognosis for survival to the least positive…then stop and ask yourself - what outcome do I want? Really get quiet inside and listen to what your hearts is telling you. Do you want your girl to suffer or do you want her to have as peaceful and as pain free life, for as long as it may be, as possible? If you love your dog, and OBVIOUSLY you do, you will know what the right thing for you to do will be (that is why I told you the Xane’s story and how I didn't listen to the vets and euthanize him the first time he bled because I knew it was not his time yet and how the second time I knew that he was ready to go). It's not always about you...and sometimes you just need to pause and turn your autopilot off...

And please don't ever feel sorry for sharing how you feel and all the pain and heartache that this terrible effing cancer is causing you. It's only human to feel so heartbroken when our fur babies are not feeling well. We want to help them and it really does feel like we are willing to do anything to take their pain away and so we suffer because the reality is we are not superheroes and we don't have those superpowers. It's OK to cry (I can’t crying since my Angel's passing and today was the first day of my returning to work which was a torture). Cry if you feel like it, just not in front of your baby girl. Crying will help you release those stress hormones. But please don't stay in that deep dark hole for long as it will only cloud you judgment. And please take everything that I say and put it through your own validity filter because as much as I wish to pass along anything that I feel would make this whole situation a little bit easier for you, I know that sometimes our best intentions may not transpire as that.

I will continue sending love and positive healing energy your and Luli's way. And please feel free to ask/share anything that's on your mind. That is why we are all here - to share and support each other during such difficult times.



RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 26 at 5:09 PM

I am so so sorry about your loss :( I know there is nothing I can say to make you feel better...It's truly devastating to lose a pet as they are our family. My heart goes out to you...I just hope he didn't suffer and passed away peacefully...and please don't blame yourself or anyone. You did the best you knew how at the time and your boy knew how much you loved and cared for him. He is in a better place now running free over the rainbow... 

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 25 at 8:03 PM

Sammyjones, sorry for not replying sooner - I had the same issues as Satomom (error message on the board).

First, I am very sorry to hear about your dog's condition. It's truly a devastating thing to see our beloved pets suffer, especially that they don't understand what and why it's happening....Hoping that you were able to stabilize your friend??

Any updates? I know you said there was nothing your vet could do, but I am hoping you still went and they were able to offer some help???

Sending you lots of positive, healing energy and love and let us know how your baby is doing. Xo

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 25 at 7:58 PM

Hi Gaby,

You are very welcome. I am really sad to read the situation with the customs in your country.

Please try to Google a holistic or health store in your city. There has to be one. See if they carry any of the items I had mentioned.

Also, have you heard of Avemar? If not, please read on it and see if you can order it here: http://www.avemar.com/what_is_avemar

It's not a drug, a natural supplement. I am hoping it will pass the customs.

How is Lilu doing? Have you added anything to her daily feeding regime? Any improvements?

Sending you much love and healign energy! Xoxo

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 19 at 8:46 PM

:( :( Really sorry to hear about such a horrible side affect that your dog is also experiencing....Perhaps, you may want to look into giving this (I don't know if you believe in alternative methods, but wouldn't hurt to try, huh?) It states in the article that: Any dog or cat getting chemotherapy which includes the drug doxorubicin also known as adriamycin should be on this formula. This drug is one with the most potential for side effects and Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang can help reduce these. You can read the full article here (btw, I have no affiliation with the owner, just found her site while doing research and liked her approach; she sounds very knowledgable, but you can decide for yourself):





Sending lots of love and healing energy to your pup! Xoxo

RE: Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

by LeBelEsprit - October 19 at 6:41 PM

Hi Gabriela! My name is Olena :) I am at work now, so haven't had a chance to read your messages thoroughly but wanted to reply quickly regarding one thing: I will be happy to send you a package with some things that you can't find. I can buy them here and ship to you. Would that work? Or will they open and confiscate the supplements in customs? Let me know but I can send you the mushrooms (these are not dry mushrooms but in capsules) and CBD oil as well as other supps. 

I think it would be easier to discuss off of the forum. Feel free to email me at olena dot maris at gmail dot com

I will reply to the rest of your posts later tonight.

Hang in there! Xoxo

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