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    I am a head/neck 5 year cancer survivor and this website helped me tremendously. Now we have a close family friend whose Mom was just diagnosed with ACC of her lung. Very rare. Looking for information on the best available treatment centers/physicians. Thanks in advance for any info that anyone has.

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      Sarah, 2 years ago I had a Right neck dissection with removal of all my nodes and a TORS Radical Tonsillectomy. I have done very well. Initially had some numbness of the neck but that has dramatically improved with time. I do still get lymph edema but it responds to massage. Finally I have slight R neck discomfort not really a problem. Time will help along with rehab. I suspect that you will ultimately do well. G...

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        Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but the good news is that SCC HPV 16+ is very treatable even those with Stage 4. I would echo what others have said and seek a second opinion although I wouldnt drag things out too long so you can get on with treatment. I had Stage 2 SCC HPV 16+ tonsil cancer. I am currently 6 months out. My story: 60 y/o sorethroat than food started getting stuck. Examined my throat and I saw a ...

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