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Heterodox pain free treatment

by Leonardo77 - August 04 at 6:31 PM

What I am to propose is to be considered very unnusual.

This is what can be done:

A procedure that is non-invasive, drug free, pain free, will take only a few hours and that is supposed to entail full cancer remission in few weeks.

Now the catches:

1) It has to be taken place in Brasilia, Brazil. Not before October 2017.

2) It will be expensive, YET (and here is a gigantic YET) it is to be paid ONLY after the patient is completely cured. Please read this again.

3) Travelling and lodging expenses are to be covered by the patient. Visa issues are also your responsability. The few materials to be used during treatment (which will cost around 750 dollars) is also on the patient - to be paid in his/her arrival.

4) Although the treatment itself lasts only few hours, it is possible that the patient might need to stay with us for two days.

Now some info: 

Almost any case can be treated using this procedure, regardeless of the stage. I will need some minor infos about the patient to have a general view of the case.

I will not go after the patient after he returns home. It will be on him/her to inform the remission of the disease and transfer payment when completelly healed.

There are some cases that will maybe need a yearly follow up, if even so. In these cases the treatment will cost about five thousand dollars per year.

That is about it. Contact for more info, please.



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