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    glory to God !! joy how Beautiful —our God is worthy and This display of FAITH makes him smile. I remember an earlier post you made and thought how fitting your name is Joy. rejoicing with you! I also am living with a terminal diagnosis but even if God doesn’t heal me I fully TRUST that He never takes His eyes off me and will see me and my family through this until I’m carried Home. Just saw thin faithit.com A diam...

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      mack1994 oh my- I am not familiar w the PCV treatment for your form of brain cancer but it sounds like you had a severe shingles case. with My oncologist was trying to clear my body of a cold before I started on my next round of Temodar. his large dose of antibiotics backfired giving me a terrible case of Thrush(understand why babies cry when they get this) then shingles broke out on my nose heading toward my eye Cr...

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        hi KDvull- Just checking on you and your Mom hope and pray that her shingles are a mild case and she is doing well. If I can answer any otherquestions or encourage you both I am very willing and able. Your reply to my errant Post was so very kind I’m sorry that I was meant to be an encouraging post that I was past that terrible time and WAS able to continue Temodarand have had no reoccurrence PTL. may your Moms st...

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          Thanks for suggesting- no I have not consulted Nuevo PT Apreciate the reply and great to hear your husband is doing well- it IS God’s grace and for many prayer warriors storming heaven to keep me here

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            be encouraged!It didn’t change the chemo effect I-am 5yr long term survivor no reoccurrence But it was at the time a bummer I had completed radiation but was on the Maintenance protocol when I got it. my posts have been difficult on my iPhone so I am was not the intended reply to you. I’ve been past this set back. For some time after 2yrs of chemo I am now just having MRI s every3 mon. would love to be able to share ...

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              I am

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                hello Tiffcat I also am a LTS at 5 yrs post op and recently had similar symptoms of left foot drag and some droop in my smile. Husband called my NO and we went to get a CT scan as suggested My most recent MRI was clear. cT showed a large sub dural bleed. no explanation since I had not suffered any head trauma The neurosurgeon said the blood vessels connected with the dura covering of the brain are quite fragile part...

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                  I was diagnosed May2013 with gBM have had no reoccurrence after standard treatment of Temador and radiation(GammaKnife). Five years out and thankful to have had many praying for me and a wonderful husband caring for me. I recently had a slight drooping my face and was dragging my foot Care team at Piedmont Brain Tumor suggested a CT and my Do was a large brain bleed - It’s in process of draining through a tube to rel...

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                    There’s some great advice here esp Agree w Jon I was on Temodar for2 yrs blood work was never a problem but after 2yrs and no reoccurrence myNO suggested we give my body a break and continue with MRI’s. my eeg showed very significant slowdown of my brain rhythm- and neuropsychologist confirmed my decision to stop driving and exit the work force. My decision making and multi-task abilities are significantly impaired-...

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                      hi Vanessa- your husband has everything going for him- as one wise soul advised accept the diagnosis but not the prognosis we are all individuals not statistics I went to the ER in2013 after an auditory seizure- our ceiling fan sounded like a helicopter they did a CT and found a right temporal mass- a good place for a tumor so they said easy to get to-Low grade ependymoma- no treatment just mRIs to track changes.In ...

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                      55yo xmktgMgrDx GbmStg4Jan2014Dx was preceded by ER visit May2013 woke with audible seizure and headache CT scan showed mass in right temporal lobe craniotomy followed- complete resection-path -adult ependenoma Stg2 no treatment recommend frq MRIs to watch 4chgs Piedmont BrainTumor Ctr Jan'14MRI showed new growth Surgery#2 @ Piedmont-Path Gbmstg4 Began Stupp protocol Radiation 30 treatments 5/wk
                      for6wks concurrently wTemolozide
                      In March2014 began maintenance of Temolozide330mg 5 days every 4 was with MRI every 2months Stopped Chemo July2016still have MRIs every 3mon Jan2018 had craney#3 for B.B. size tissue at outer edge of prior surgery bed. pathology showed no malignancy- scar tissue only Hit 5 yr survival milestone Lots of prayers for me
                      no reoccurance as of may2018. but had subdural bleed that required drainMay17- possibly caused by prior surgeries No traumatic injury this was an acute bleed that had consistency of motor oil.

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