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    hello Candy- I was55 when Dx and have celebrated 5birthdays. statistics claimed I wouldn’t make it to60 but here I amPraising God for that and the wonderful care of myHusband,NO and surgeons- I’ve completed the Stupp protocol and have been OFF the chemo for 2+ years- I have routine MRIsevery 4months- used to be every3 but I have been clear of reoccurrence long enough nO stretching it out a bit. I was removed from T...

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      as they love to say in the South Bless your heart... I am so very sorry to welcome you to our ever growing gbm community Shocked you haven’t received a multitude of replies that headaches post-Crainey and radiation are VERY normal My recommendation is //Take some Tylenol and SLEEP it away. In fact my mantra for awhile which I lifted from a novel “TheFault in our Stars” was “Sleep Cures Cancer”. I slept a LOT and didn...

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        Ricky- You’re so young- there’s got to be help for you as you fight this. check out a site for young adults like you- stupidcancer.org. there maybe some links to assist you in various ways. if you are still working it will be near impossible to receive disability assistance. many with GBM are no longer able to continue In their profession I can no longer safely drive a vehicle so my disability application went throu...

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          Kristie- NO one wants to welcome you to this forum but you are not alone and there are some names to google that beat the odds-Ben Williams Cheryl Broyles, Sandy Hillburn-Duke is very cutting edge research but you may look at the top neurosurgeons because someone maybe up for the Too large challenge Location is key of course. The GBM diagnosis is normally driven by pathology post surgery Your husbands team has put hi...

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            When diagnosed with GBM essentially yes, it was termed maintenance but I recall being asked if I understood that I would be on Temodar for as long as I was able to with stand it. In my case- after 2 years of chemo and no reoccurrence my NO decided to give my body a break/ as she said we don’t want to destroy your marrow and continue to keep MRIs Qtrly-that was a little more than 2 hrs ago- I have remained deseaseprog...

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              Hi Mack1994- thanks so much for taking time to reply I read your thread history and was so encouraged by your journey It just helps to find someone out there walking in your shoes- though our form of brain cancer is slightly different and your track started earlier and with younger sons. i was 55 when I had my first resection (it happened to be on our25thwedding anniversary) with 2 girls inHS FIVE years later and Ou...

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                anyone else On forum dealing with what seems to be inability to cope with heat post surgeries/treatments? in addition to no longer having the multi-task and decisive abilities to drive I am also finding that I am heat intolerant and prone to pass out get sick. anyone else? LeslieGBM dx2013–

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                  Those of us with GBM likely watched the John McCain news from pa different perspective. it was newsworthy that he was discontinuing treatment -but I wondered if there may have been a reoccurrence and he was opting not to undergo another surgery. however, the near spontaneous announcement of his death was a surprise -at least to me. on behalf of my loved ones who wait out word with us of every MRI- I find it disheart...

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                    glory to God !! joy how Beautiful —our God is worthy and This display of FAITH makes him smile. I remember an earlier post you made and thought how fitting your name is Joy. rejoicing with you! I also am living with a terminal diagnosis but even if God doesn’t heal me I fully TRUST that He never takes His eyes off me and will see me and my family through this until I’m carried Home. Just saw thin faithit.com A diam...

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                      mack1994 oh my- I am not familiar w the PCV treatment for your form of brain cancer but it sounds like you had a severe shingles case. with My oncologist was trying to clear my body of a cold before I started on my next round of Temodar. his large dose of antibiotics backfired giving me a terrible case of Thrush(understand why babies cry when they get this) then shingles broke out on my nose heading toward my eye Cr...

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                      55yo xmktgMgrDx GbmStg4Jan2014Dx was preceded by ER visit May2013 woke with audible seizure and headache CT scan showed mass in right temporal lobe craniotomy followed- complete resection-path -adult ependenoma Stg2 no treatment recommend frq MRIs to watch 4chgs Piedmont BrainTumor Ctr Jan'14MRI showed new growth Surgery#2 @ Piedmont-Path Gbmstg4 Began Stupp protocol Radiation 30 treatments 5/wk
                      for6wks concurrently wTemolozide
                      In March2014 began maintenance of Temolozide330mg 5 days every 4 was with MRI every 2months Stopped Chemo July2016still have MRIs every 3mon Jan2018 had craney#3 for B.B. size tissue at outer edge of prior surgery bed. pathology showed no malignancy- scar tissue only Hit 5 yr survival milestone Lots of prayers for me
                      no reoccurance as of may2018. but had subdural bleed that required drainMay17- possibly caused by prior surgeries No traumatic injury this was an acute bleed that had consistency of motor oil.

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